Off-site entrance Linchuan sample Beijing school entrance examination – Sohu news-queer as folk

The college entrance examination of the "Linchuan" sample: Beijing school home exam – Sohu news Zhang Lei remember that Beijing Linchuan school is in one day in July last year, nine in the evening, after hanging up tell him the news Jiangxi friends call, ten minutes not to, on the night drove to the outskirts of Changping. Six rings, the lights become more and more sparse. Three hours later, arrived late at night at twelve. The son has still not high school senior high school entrance examination, landing, this field children’s parents worried. Linchuan school exists as a life-saving straw: the coordinates of Beijing to foreign students, no threshold, a unified national enrollment, the teaching materials, the future can return home to the college entrance examination, meet the conditions can also participate in the examination in Jiangxi. Although the private school, but the Jiangxi public schools team, strict school spirit. Like Zhang Lei overnight a few parents visit the emergency. The existence of schools in Beijing, Linchuan, although there is a sense of helplessness of the parents, but also the flow of population and education resources allocation conflict under the current situation of a buffer and exploration. (caption: Linchuan school sports) a glimmer of hope for his son in high school, Zhang Lei has been anxious for half a year. Zhang Lei was born in Shandong, a child with his parents to Xinjiang, is the son of a Xinjiang hukou, unable to participate in the college entrance examination in Beijing, can not enter the public high school. The reception of his teacher recruitment, patiently listening to a stomach bitter, like the first time to meet a lot of parents from afar. The night to visit, although the feeling of building remote chilly, and the son before the hardware RDFZ Xishan District far apart, but at least he has a bottom. This school, without Beijing hukou, or residence permit, the volume is the textbook, admission to a national unified school, can ensure that the children don’t have to leave Beijing, after three years of high school, at least you can go to Jiangxi or the origin of the college entrance examination. After the second school principals and details, Zhang Lei fast determination, took his son to sign up. Prior to this, he has been to Hebei, the focus of secondary school, but also with a number of foreign students to study the goal of the international school talked about, but are not satisfied. Hebei key schools in the local college entrance examination, fierce competition, the intensity of the fear of learning, he did not want his son too much pressure, do not want him to leave too early. In order to study as the goal of the international school, Zhang Lei believes that the atmosphere is not good, there is a school made it clear that the first 20 thousand, was admitted directly into the exam, money can buy in, "the style is not correct, I do not want their children to go to such a place to read." At the last moment, that the presence of Linchuan school Zhang Lei excited, but his son’s first reaction is not willing to. His previous expectation is: "find a RDFZ Xishan and junior high school campus as a good school." Father and son fought for some time, but also broke the conflict. The son of the game has always been calm and sensible, suddenly become unable to communicate. "You have to go there yourself!" Zhang Lei hit his son for the first time. He regrets, but helpless. Children do not understand what the policy, the only thing he can hate is the most pro parents." Eventually, the family drove his son to Linchuan to interview, through the village and open the road, his son was silent all the way. benefit相关的主题文章: