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On the first day of the early peak will be half an hour ahead of the three station Beijing a welcome back to Beijing Summit – Sun Hongyang told reporters yesterday, the traffic control department issued a forecast analysis of traffic, this week ushered in the peak passenger transport station in Beijing, the regional traffic pressure is outstanding, especially the Airport Expressway, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station surrounding road congestion prone. At the same time, September 1st (school day) on Thursday license plate number 4, 9 limit line, the early peak traffic pressure will be more prominent, the morning will be half an hour ahead of the arrival of the peak. Half past six into the early morning after the opening of the city’s primary and secondary schools, morning and evening peak traffic pressure will increase significantly in urban areas, especially the early peak time will advance. During the summer vacation, traffic peak at around 7, beginning at 8 to reach the peak. Expected in September after the full school, with the flow of students into the traffic will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule. The traffic control department predicted that September 1st at 6:30, East and West Ring Road South to north direction, the direction of the city of Xizhimen North Street, main street, Caihuying road and other main lines of communication, traffic will be significantly increased. West Fourth Ring Zhengyang bridge area, the North Fourth Ring Zhongguancun bridge area, West Sanhuan Road Hangtianqiao District, the surrounding schools and Yongding Road, River Road, Old Summer Palace Road intersection, green street days show factory bridge, the car prone to slow. When the western part of the North Fourth Ring Road West to east direction slowly, transit vehicles according to the actual situation, from the Wanquan River Bridge on the west exit, the fourth ring roads, Suzhou Street, Haidian South Road around Zhichun Road. When the West Sanhuan Hangtianqiao Island traffic concentration, influence of Fuchengmen Road vehicles, West to east direction of the vehicle by the village in eight bridge bridge plate landianchang Road, Linglong bypass road, Chegongzhuang West Road and West Road; Old Summer Palace District Xiaojiahe bridge and traffic is large, after the start of the morning and evening peak congestion may increase, it is recommended to select Montenegro Hu Road, the Summer Palace road. Tongren Hospital, children’s Hospital of neighboring easy congestion based on past data prediction, more students to go to school and children’s Hospital, Tongren Hospital, eryansuo. Beijing Children’s Hospital in front of the West Second Ring Road South Yuetan North to South Road, South Road, adjacent to the Chongwenmen Tongren Hospital inside and outside the street, there have been wererecruited car, the parking saturation effects of road traffic conditions, generally 9 to 16 is in front of the hospital to road congestion periods. The traffic control department, prepared by the West Second Ring Road North to south to passing vehicles, the altar of bridge area appear congestion, vehicles can bypass to three adjacent in Hedong road or Zhao Dengyu Road, Taiping Bridge Street traffic. Three a station this week over the late summer peak welcome back to Beijing will usher in a return to the peak, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, the capital airport surrounding roads were will have varying degrees of car congestion. Beijing West Railway Station by morning and midday shuttle station north square of peak traffic, resulting in the lotus bridge the main road and lotus pond road, lotus pond road, West Sanhuan Lotus Bridge Road, slow moving queue of vehicles. Beijing South Railway Station around the road, Majiabao Road, Shenyang south near Caihuying bridge to Shenyang, in recent days often appear congestion. Among them, shenyang.相关的主题文章: