On the significance and highlights of the Network Security Act-tianbi

Laws and regulations on the "network security law" and the significance of highlights – Beijing, vice president Zuo Xiaodong China Research Institute of information security and network security system is an important part of the national network security system. Maintenance of network security, it is necessary to give full play to the role of mandatory legal norms. But for a long time, China’s network security laws and regulations system is lagging behind, outstanding performance, we do not even have a real sense of the network security law. National People’s Congress through the network security law is of great significance, from now on China’s network security work has a basic legal framework, with the basic law of network security". As the "basic law", which solves the following problems: one is to clear the departments, enterprises, social organizations and individual rights, obligations and responsibilities; two is to provide the basic principles, the national network security work of the main task and major guiding ideology and philosophy; three is the maturity of the policy and measures to rise the law provides a legal basis for the work of government departments, reflects the administration of law and rule of law; four is to establish a series of basic system of national network security, the basic system of the basic characteristics, overall, is to promote the work, reinforce the ability and prevention of major risks necessary. "Network security law" of the many highlights, from the actual work demand, the following highlights concern: one is to put forward the basic principles and requirements for the protection of personal information, the equivalent of a small "personal information protection law", the relevant rules, the subsequent standards have the upper law; the two is to put forward the requirements of network products and services provider, is for some enterprises to stop the service or rely on the monopoly advantage of wayward blackmail users, free to collect user information and other problems; three is in the telecom user name system based on the establishment of anti-terrorism law, the provisions of the information release, instant messaging and other services of the real name system, but the real name is "the anonymous, backstage real name", does not affect the user privacy; four is the specification of an important network security information service, now many enterprises or institutions are released to drain The hole, such as information security incidents, some false information caused by the adverse effects of a wide range of countries, will formulate the provisions in this regard; the five is a clear network operators law enforcement assistance obligations, it is international practice, but we have to rely more on "Hongtouwenjian", this situation will change; six from the level of law provides for illegal online information cleaning, make the Internet management system of the country has a clear legal basis; the seven is to establish a national critical information infrastructure protection system, especially the provisions of the mandatory obligations of operators, and for the authorities to carry out supervision as authorized; eight is the establishment of a network security monitoring early warning, information notification and emergency disposal system, is conducive to solving a number of departments at present, each issued a warning notification of emergency plan system is not complete and other issues ; nine is the establishment of a communication control system, to support the major emergency disposal, but also the communication control permission is strictly limited in the state; the ten is to further rationalize the network security system, the provisions of the State Department is responsible for coordinating network information network security and related supervision and management. This article represents the author’s personal view.相关的主题文章: