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Internet-and-Business-Online It can be a hassle outsourcing web content writing these days. With the popularity of outsourcing stemming from "The Four Hour Workweek," rapidly evolving economies in India and China, and a global economic recession sending laid-off workers out to make a buck any way that they can, there are no shortages of people offering services online. But not everyone has what it takes to be a great writer, and the sheer number of desperate people out there means that people are scrambling to get paid the lowest prices possible. So as prices plummet, so does the quality of web content writing, and it be.es near impossible to find a professional you can count on. But there is a different kind of writer emerging in the new economy. A writer that is both good with language and understands solid business principles. Relying on integrity and understanding that a .mitment to quality sets them apart from the rest, this kind of freelancer can charge higher prices from clients who want something more. And the businessmen who use their services soon realize they are a world apart from writers charging pennies. But how can you recognize a truly quality writer when you find them? 1. Website–It’s important to remember that a high quality writer understands basic business principles. And for them, that means getting off the freelance sites, stopping the endless hours of scouring craigslist, and foucsing energy on building a web presence. The more exposure they get, the more customers they can find. So if they have a site for their web content writing services, they just might get "it." Check out their website and see how professional it is. Is it just slapped together? Is it hosted on their own domain? Judge them based on the same criteria you would judge any business’ website. 2. Testimonials–If a good writer is charging higher prices, make sure it is because they offer a higher quality service and not just because they are trying to dupe you. If they don’t have testimonials on their site, they likely have some on freelance sites like Elance that they may have worked on in the past. Find out what people are saying about them. 3. Niche Specific–Do they offer articles in a specific niche? While most writers will consider writing on any subject as long as it isn’t so narrow that it’s impossible for a non-professional to research, good writers sometimes can charge the prices they do because they know their subjects inside and out. They’ve focused really hard on a small handful of them, and it has be.e a breeze to write even high volumes of articles quickly because they already know the subject. 4. Freelance Profiles–Back to freelancing sites, find out if they have an Elance profile. While there are lots of sites on the Internet, Elance is the most popular and credible. A good writer won’t make any effort to hide their profile because the feedback system on Elance keeps providers accountable for their work. So if they’ve done well, they’ll surely want to market this. If in doubt, go to the freelance sites and search for their .pany name. Typically, you can even see how much money they’ve made as a provider. 5. Native English Speaking–Are they a native-English speaker? Sometimes it can be hard to determine. Make sure the samples they sent you are really representative of their English, and pass a couple emails back and forth to see if they start making mistakes under pressure. A quick Skype chat should settle things if you’re really in doubt, and they may even be willing to get on the mic and talk to you, which would of course let you know for certain. The thing is that some native-English speaking writers may be near-fluent, but unless they grew up in an English-speaking environment and know the culture in and out, they just aren’t going to be able to match the cultural references, implied meanings, and humor of an American or British-born writer–or reader… 6. Contact–Do they offer several points of contact so you can get in touch if they disappear, or are they hiding behind the anonymity of the web. A trustworthy writer will usually offer a few contacts, such as email, skype, and possibly even phone to calm your nerves. 7. Payment–Most serious writers have been burned a few times, so they’ll demand payment, or at least half payment up front. Typically, however, if they are honest they will be willing to use an escrow service until you’ve established trust. 8. Additional Services–Do they offer other services or just web content writing? A high quality writer with business smarts will invest in growing their business and making it better serve your needs. They will often offer additional services that ramp up your earnings, like advanced article submission services–(i.e. not just submitting to one or two directories)–email marketing copy, Google link wheels, and a host of other internet marketing services. This is just another sign they understand the business and their clients’ needs. While these points above are not written in stone and cannot serve as an absolute guide to finding the right person for the job, they are good to keep in mind when accepting bids. There’s a big difference between someone who can write and someone who can write quality work. That’s obvious. But the above points keep .ing back to another central theme that isn’t so easy to spot–there is also a big difference between a quality writer and a quality writer who understands the nature of this business. A finely-tuned business sense and creative writing skills rarely .e together in the same human brain. But these kinds of professionals do exist in the web content writing industry, and as an inter. marketer who is running a business, this is the kind of person you want on your team. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: