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The overseas Chinese community leaders to seek business opportunities in Guangxi – China News Agency, Beijing in October 25 Nanning Xinhua (Zhong Jianshan Lin Hao) "2016 overseas Chinese community leaders in Guangxi" activities started in Guangxi Nanning 25 days, about 200 overseas Chinese leaders from Britain, the United States, South Korea, Brazil and ASEAN countries and more than 60 countries and the area was invited to participate in this event. Qin Chuncheng, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi is one of the China famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the existing about 7000000 overseas overseas Chinese Guangxi Province, located in 92 countries and regions in five continents of the world. This activity for a period of three days, to show to the overseas Chinese in Guangxi "The Belt and Road" in the construction of new initiatives, new opportunities to further stimulate the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese in Guangxi building. The government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region vice president Zhang Xiaoqin met with overseas Chinese said the exchange, Guangxi is the only one China connected with ASEAN land and sea provinces, to China ASEAN Expo as the main body, the formation of Chinese ASEAN open cooperation "Nanning channel". "13th Five-Year" period, Guangxi will strive to create for ASEAN International Channel, Southwest China and South Africa open development of new strategic fulcrum, "Belt and Road Initiative organic convergence gateway. In February this year, the official release of Guangxi "Guangxi" in The Belt and Road "construction plan", decided to focus on aspects of interoperability, trade logistics, cross-border finance, cross-border industrial chain, promote humanities exchanges and cooperation with countries, layout and industrial engineering. "This will make the contact interaction between Guangxi and the world more closely, and the degree of regional development has become increasingly integrated, providing a broad space for cooperation and development of overseas Chinese in the region." Zhang Xiaoqin said. Thailand Guangxi association chairman Li Mingru said, "The Belt and Road" active construction will bring enormous business opportunities in the ASEAN countries overseas chinese. In recent years, Thailand and China in youth education exchanges increasingly close, more and more young people from Guangxi to Thailand learning, this is in Thai overseas Chinese future deeply involved in the Guangxi economic development foundation. (end)相关的主题文章: