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Overseas Chinese in Hainan to commemorate the "918" to explore the mining Nanyang oral history – Beijing, China News Agency, Haikou, September 18 (Hong Jianpeng Zhang Qianyi) Hainan overseas Chinese held in Haikou in September 18th "Hainan Nanyang overseas Chinese oral history and the 918 Memorial Symposium", made outstanding contributions to commemorate the patriotic overseas Chinese for the war, to explore the Chinese oral history of mining work. "Nanyang culture oral history" will help to promote the "The Belt and Road ‘strategy of overseas Chinese culture dissemination and exchange." Hainan Province Federation deputy inspector, Hainan Nanyang overseas Chinese oral history project responsible for introducing the Chen Yong speech, Hainan "oral history" Nanyang culture plan from the beginning of this year, intends to select a good family background, Nanyang inheritance celebrity family, reproduce Chinese in development, Nanyang survival condition and its process of struggle gradually establish condensation the family motto, through specific examples to tell the story, the important impact of the growth of family heritage for future generations, to the character dictation, archives, photo archives and electronic archives as the carrier, reflect the Nanyang Chinese history. Hainan overseas Chinese Anti Japanese war made great contribution to. Chinese Federation vice president Lin Mingjiang introduced to Vietnam, Haikou overseas Chinese, South old firm owner Wu Qiangang pharmaceutical to officers and men of war, and launched overseas donors support the Anti Japanese War; overseas Chinese Affairs LU Hong film former adviser to the Burma government, served as president of Burma overseas Chinese Committee, Burma Qiongzhou hall director, organized overseas Chinese donation to the motherland 81 aircraft. Since February 1939, more than 3200 overseas Chinese, to attend "returned to service namchow mechanic group", to join the Anti Japanese national salvation service, fighting in Burma road. They disregard for personal safety, risking war, transportation and military recruits the day in and day out, assemble, repair vehicles, driver training, repair personnel, to ensure that the lifeline smooth. According to historical records, "returned to service namchow mechanic group has more than 800 Chinese nationals Joan namchow mechanic, namchow mechanic team accounted for nearly 1/3, more than 400 died in the Burma road. For many years engaged in overseas Chinese Affairs Xing Fuxiao will participate in the war namchow mechanic story editor of a book "bullet" burma. He said that the people of Hainan to the motherland and the fate of their own closely linked to the war in Singapore, Vietnam, Burma and other countries have set up a civil war in Hainan. Chinese, executive director of the Institute of Chinese history and the "Hainan daily" senior reporter Cai Pa has been committed to the "Nanyang culture of oral history work, and bring it into the university classroom in Hainan. She said, Hainan is one of the most important in the hometown of overseas Chinese, Hainan overseas Chinese Anti Japanese sentiment, touching story. "Nanyang culture oral history" is that people can’t put down the unknown, it is a "living" rescue work, time can not afford to arouse more attention, more young people involved, save the memory of a generation." At the forum, Joan nationality Henan University professor Chen Zhongxiong, Haikou arcade Street owner Mr. Chen has received the "oral history" Nanyang culture interview the elderly to experience, to the identity of respondents to the plan put forward relevant proposals. (end)相关的主题文章: