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Salary: year of average wage China enterprises in 2017 is expected to rise 7% according to the investigation of the latest ECA International pay trend showed that the average wage China employees in 2017 is expected to achieve 7% growth, inflation is expected to affect the removal of 2.3% in 2017, China employees will be ranked third in the Asia Pacific region is expected to "real" wage growth, wage growth rate 4.7%. ECA International is a leading global enterprise to help expatriate management personnel knowledge, information and technology human resources management consulting agency. China’s average real wage growth rate in 2017 is expected to be 4.7%, higher than the expected global growth rate of 1.5% and 2.6%, respectively, and Asia pacific. Such a high wage growth makes China ranked fourth in the global real wage growth in 2017, representing an increase of two in 2016. Among them, the four first tier cities, is expected next year, the fastest growth rate of real wages for employees in Shenzhen, an increase of more than this year, an average of 3.7%, is expected in 2017, Beijing’s real wage growth rate is slowest, at a rate of $3.2%. ECA International, Asia Regional Director QUANE says, "Beijing is now trying to nudge the economy over the past thirty years from the good effect of export and investment oriented mode to domestic consumption led economic transformation, it can also be a reason why the region’s wage growth is not so fast. Even if the salary rate will be higher than the inflation rate, the company continued to significantly higher than the regional and global average salary rate, which shows that many enterprises of Chinese is to attract and retain employees is still a key challenge." ECA’s pay trend report fully reflects the current and expected salary growth of local employees, and reflects the real wage growth. This year’s report is based primarily on data from 72 countries and regions of the 260 multinational companies. Hongkong employees in the Special Administrative Region will achieve an average wage increase of 4% in 2017. Excluding the impact of inflation is expected to be 2.6% in 2017, the wage growth rate of employees will be ranked the bottom of the Asia Pacific region is expected to increase the real wage growth rate of 1.4% in. Macao employees expected real wage growth of 1.7% in 2017, ranking in the Asia Pacific region in Hongkong. The expected wage growth rate is higher than the real wage increase rate of 1.5% in Macao in 2016. Overall, Hongkong’s economy continues to develop steadily." Guan Lilian said. Asia Pacific wage growth in 2017 the Asia Pacific real wage growth rate is expected to be 2.6%, higher than the other areas surveyed. In terms of the actual rate of increase, the Vietnamese employees will be 5.4% growth rate in 2017 to become the highest in the Asia Pacific region, the highest rate of pay, the global rate of return of second countries and regions. Real wages for employees in Burma will fall by 1.6% in 2017. Although nominal wage growth is expected to be 7.5%, but inflation is expected to be $9.1%, Burma will be the only region in the Asia Pacific region where real wages have fallen. After another deflationary period in Japan, the IMF predicts that Japan will experience marginal inflation in 2017.相关的主题文章:

Pay more attention to the correct calcium osteoporosis early prevention health – Sohu-e3300

Pay more attention to the correct osteoporosis calcium – Sohu health early prevention of osteoporosis is an age-related disease, but the seasonal effect on osteoporosis can not be overlooked. A study in Norway showed that the incidence of fractures in the elderly was significantly higher in winter than in summer, and the incidence of fractures in the elderly was higher than that in warm climates. D vitamin D is an important hormone for calcium absorption, but the presence of natural vitamin D in food is very small, only deep sea fish liver vitamin D content is slightly richer. The vitamin D in the human body are basically through ultraviolet irradiation skin synthesis, the winter sun oblique sun, ultraviolet is reduced, and people wearing clothes more, less skin exposure, vitamin content in vivo was significantly lower than that in summer. A survey conducted in Australia and New Zealand shows that 25 of the L (OH) vitamin D levels in adults are lower than 10-20nmol in winter, so that the absorption of calcium is reduced in winter. In addition, the vitamin D hormone content in the blood to reduce falls, increase muscle strength and coordination ability is crucial, the winter vitamin D level decreased, the elderly falls easily, also prone to osteoporotic fracture. A study in Sweden found that people with low levels of vitamin D had more than half the risk of fracture, compared with those with normal vitamin a levels. In addition, due to the cold weather, people’s activities will be relatively reduced, but also affect the absorption of calcium in the body, calcium intake is not enough, natural bone resorption will increase, it will increase osteoporosis. In winter, people’s clothing increases, the flexibility of activities will be greatly reduced. Reduce the movement of a week, the body’s ability to coordinate will become worse, the chance of falling on the increase, coupled with the elderly prone to osteoporosis, bone fragility, prone to fracture after falling. Warm tips especially for the elderly, in the winter to be extra careful. One is to add a sufficient amount of vitamin D, it is best to add active vitamin D, the amount of added in the winter than in the summer to increase the number of appropriate to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. In addition, the elderly winter life to be more careful, if the weather is good, the elderly should be out of sunlight, and maintain the proper activity of muscle strength and coordination ability, if you encounter rain and snow weather, people should avoid going out, if you go out, you must be careful to avoid the occurrence of falls on. Of course, the treatment of osteoporosis can not be effective in a short time, so the treatment of osteoporosis should be started as soon as possible, do not wait until the winter to think of. Feeds: Director of bone Chao Aijun Department of Tianjin Hospital相关的主题文章:

Oriental garden to create water environment PPP model to lift the valuation-govos

Oriental garden to create a water environment PPP model sukenori valuation sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in September 21, 2016, the theme of "talk about the ecological restoration, the ecological construction of the beautiful Shanxi Fenhe Power Forum" held in Xiping mountain. The forum is organized by the association of Alashan SEE ecology, relying on the Alashan SEE industry alliance, the United Nations top experts think tank, held jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme, Shanxi province reform and innovation research, and suggestions for Shanxi ecological environment governance suggestions, explore new ideas of Shanxi ecological restoration, environmental protection and economic development win-win. It is reported that the forum will form a normal think tank behavior, held once a year, while attracting more excellent companies to invest in the construction of beautiful Shanxi. The ecological forum for the first time at the grand occasion, government departments, academic institutions, industry experts, business elite gathered water resources management new ideas, water environment management and ecological restoration, mine water remediation technology and experience of research and application of PPP mode and other issues in-depth discussion, to explore new ideas of ecological Shanxi repair, environmental protection and economic development win-win. Oriental Garden Investment Holding Group Chairman, chairman of the Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Oriental garden ecological environment of Alashan Industry Alliance executive chairman He Qiaonv attended the forum, and the Fen river ecological restoration is related to many fields and the Oriental Garden in water environmental governance in the field of unique advantages, leading concept, trend analysis, rich experience to share and communicate with guests. To promote the business model and public handshake solve all Chinese ecological problems "when we have closed because of smog, the river water can be drunk directly, the dish can eat out. Air, water and soil pollution is a problem we need to face. Facing the problem and solving the problem is the meaning of my life and even life." This chastity prologue, where Qiaonv mouth meanders, but more sonorous and forceful. Founded in 1992 to become the first Chinese garden, the world’s largest market capitalization of the landscape industry companies, the development of oriental gardens as much as an open textbook. In the landscape field leading position and did not let the Oriental Garden stop, but the beginning of a cross upgrade in the firm. With the business development, the Oriental garden to the "heart of the earth" as its mission, realize the upgrading from transboundary landscape construction to ecological environmental protection, ecological environmental protection layout of the whole industry chain, the full range of Chinese to solve ecological problems. In the field of ecological environmental determination roots of how clever woman, has a clear cognition for the extraordinary industry, but from the current situation of the industry and her export trend often point. "Now some Chinese is in the field of environmental protection business model, such as sewage treatment, garbage disposal, hazardous waste disposal, renewable resources, air pollution control and other uses BOT or other models; last year, the river governance is also a business model — PPP, the industry called for three or four years after finally released." Ho Ho said frankly, I hope in the near future, soil remediation, mine repair can also use PPP mode. "Trillions of dollars on相关的主题文章:

Only ten of the students of the mountain primary school the two generation of teachers relay

Only ten students in the two generation of   mountain primary school; teacher education to relay to mountain primary school teachers and students for a photo, the back left back right Zheng Ji, Liao Meixiang 2. Early autumn in Longyou stone village to village, at an elevation of 800 meters on the mountain temperature is low and the scent of Osmanthus mountain. To mountain primary school teaching point at the top of the hill, a 53 year old substitute teacher Liao Meixiang and 27 year old female teacher Zheng Ji with ten children in the playground. In charge of education, deputy governor of Longyou county people on the two teachers are full of gratitude: the reason why the strong mountain teaching points can persist for decades, the key lies in the two stick to the heritage of a good teacher. They stick to every day, so that children grow up in the mountains." Only ten students in the mountain primary school, two generation teacher to relay the first generation: Liao Meixiang as a substitute teacher for 32 years to the mountain primary school, grade from kindergarten to the third grade. Read the third grade, central primary school students came down to the village school. Longyou County Stone Township Center Primary School branch secretary Xu Jianqing told reporters that the village there are hundreds of families, there are a considerable number of school-age children. In grade three, the child can not adapt to boarding life, only the nearest school. The 53 year old Liao Meixiang is a native of the village people, in the mountain primary school substitute teacher has to do to the whole 32 years. In 90s, when the primary school or primary school, there are more than 100 students. As the population continues to move down the mountain, fewer and fewer students. Liao Meixiang is a teacher, a few years ago, the school is only one of her teacher, she should not only teach the language of mathematics and natural music sports, but also to take care of the children’s eating and sleeping and napping. So many years, Liao Meixiang wages rose from 24 yuan per month to more than 2000 yuan, Liao Meixiang said." Liao Meixiang said: the students stay here are not good family conditions, single parent families and left behind children, if there is no school, they may lose the chance to go to school." Support Liao Meixiang so many years have been able to go on the power, is the children from her step by step down the mountain. On holidays, the students all over the country brought her blessing, is her greatest happiness. "Even if there is only one student, I will choose to stick to it." Liao Meixiang said. Second generation: Zheng Ji in the day, when one day a good teacher and Liao Meixiang is different, Zheng Ji Cobain normal students, through the teacher recruitment examination came here last year. In the preparation of stone Township Central Primary School, is a formal teacher. To village road is gravel road circling, is also the Longyou rally track, with insurance, bad name. To vigorously mountain, Zheng Ji sometimes feel empty lonely cold, and children together to work fine, behind the silence of the mountains, the villagers Zheng Ji strange, often at a loss. "The mountain is too far too difficult to walk, often go home is unlikely, because communication is narrow, it is difficult to find a boyfriend. I will eventually leave the mountains, but I promise that I will be a competent teacher in one day. I like children, but also like the education industry." (reporter correspondent Ye Zhiyi Sheng Weiwen (photo) (Intern), commissioning editor: Hong Fangfang Lin Lu)相关的主题文章:

Shock! England coach was used his position to extort candid reporter

Shock! England coach was photographed fishing reporter Claudio Allardyce used his position to extort. Sina sports news England coach Allardyce may suddenly class! This news has become the headlines of today’s British media. In an interview with an Eastern businessman, Allardyce said he could charge 400 thousand pounds to help him avoid some of the rules of the football association to operate freely to seek benefits. Unexpectedly, the businessman is actually posing as reporters, the whole process has been secretly shot down, the scandal has shocked the British Allardyce, I am afraid it is difficult to keep his job. Two months ago, Allardyce took over the national team of England, signed a contract to reach 3 million pounds salary, but also not to flex its muscles, he now may be because of the scandal after class. "The Telegraph" reporter fake businessmen to the "fishing", Allardyce unfortunately caught. In the "merchant" meeting, Allardyce expressed the willingness to "ambassadors" to help them Chinese identity and Singapore operation transactions, and he can also use his position to help the "merchant" to bypass the provisions of the "third party FA Premier League players" constraint random operation player, he demanded the return is 400 thousand pounds. The two sides conducted a total of 2 meetings, a total of up to 4 hours, the whole process was secretly photographed down. Allardyce has used his position to extort fishing in addition to reporters, Allardyce also openly mocked the former coach Hodgson and his assistant Gary – Neville. He said: "Hodgson will make everyone sleep, he is too lack of personality. The European Cup, he and Neville 10 minute debate should change, you should directly rush, and Gary said, fuck you give me to sit down, shut up, and then you want to do what decisions are no problem. You’re the boss, no one else." Now the FA has been involved in the matter, or if this is the case, Allardyce will not only lose their job, but also suffered the investigation. Deckard, the FA chairman, said: "I want to know all the facts and then make a decision about what to do." (Marco)相关的主题文章: