Strong typhoon hit a large area of the city of Xiamen Blackout – Sohu news diying

Strong typhoon attacks Xiamen City Blackout – Sohu news   tree was blown down # typhoon Meranti # strong typhoon "Meranti" positive hit Xiamen, the grid has been damaged, has resulted in a large number of substation outage, the widespread power outages, especially the island region is more serious. At present, the wind has not been significantly weakened, the grid is still expanding the damaged surface. Electricity sector is stepping up repair. (reporter Liu Yan)       # typhoon Meranti # reporters from the water group learned that the city of Xiamen outside the water because the water is now the city waterworks failure caused power outages, stop water supply. When to return to normal water supply, depending on when the power will return to normal. (reporter Wu Haikui Yin Lei)       just Xiamen weather and made history: 15 days at about 2:50 a.m., Taiwan Wuyuan Bay Bridge measured gusts reached more than 17, a record high since meteorological records. Whether the Typhoon No. 5903 or no. 9914 typhoon can not match its. (reporter Yin Lei)       Shishi Daily: half past two in the morning, Yongning xicen a house were blown down by wind, Yongning police station alarm immediately dispatched, promptly rescued a family of four people. By 3:30 in the morning of Yongning police station were rescued 13 trapped people. (Shishi Daily reporter for     Ting reports);   # typhoon Meranti # [] please let the life hotline at present, 120 alarm telephone has been ringing off the hook, " " people suffered minor injuries, it is best to handle, wrap up, don’t call 120 to 120 to more people in need! (reporter Wu Haikui)相关的主题文章:

Brother to eat wild mushrooms poisoning his brother wanted to jump to drink all the rescue nibbuns

Brother to eat wild mushroom poisoning dead brother drunk to jump off a new network in Sichuan and rescue – online news (reporter Yang Zhijun Xu Denglin) August 26th, reporters from the Ganzi Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, a police, fire officers and soldiers and the masses together to rescue drunken suicide story, Shuabing in Ganzi Prefecture of Kangding city wide circle of friends we have to point praise, fire brigade and police officers to avoid a tragedy. Originally, in August 21st this year, at noon, a man in the Kangding City Metro area roof to suicide. After the alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Kangding City Metro police station and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene the first time. When the police arrived, the man sitting on the roof of the nine legs on both sides of the edge of the roof, there have been shortness of breath, confusion and other conditions, crumbling, the situation is very dangerous. Police station immediately divided into two groups, one group on the roof to persuasion, a group in conjunction with the fire officers and soldiers laying cushion in case of emergency. The police ran Yuxiong patiently persuade, but the man drunk with emotion, did not listen, shouting to anyone near, my brother is not in the home for the elderly, also fell ill, I do not want to live, and make ready to jump. His cousin Ran Yuxiong called to common persuasion, but still does not work. Looked so hot weather, Jean Yuxiong had an idea, let the cousin name to send mineral water, so close to him, in order to further observe him, but still did not dare to rush to the rescue. That the man in the mood is still excited, may not be able to give up his suicide by persuasion, Jean Yuxiong continue their dialogue to divert attention, also arranged two fire fighters hiding on the rooftop, the cousin again close to him, while it is not prepared, one to hold, two fire fighters quickly came together. Success will, suicidal man back to safety, and sent 120 ambulances. At this time, downstairs gathered onlookers applause. The organizations involved in the rescue of the town police station instructor Li Jun, the men want to commit suicide called Fumou, 27 years old this year, Sichuan Province, Langzhong, in the city of Kangding workers. His family had a quiet life, after eating a meal of toxic wild bacteria completely disrupted. In a few days before his brother after work up the hill to pick up after eating wild mushrooms, died of his wounds. The two brothers deep feelings, a home to Kangding workers, but can not give the family a lot of pressure to pay they thought. Since after his brother’s death, he was too sad to tears, noon drinking a bottle of Jiangjin liquor, alcohol in the drive, more easy, gives rise to the irrational moves. For a sober emotional stability, the police were criticized for its education, pay some of their irrational practices is very regret, the families of the police, the fire brigade rescue thank you, thank the fire officers and police officers and avoid a tragedy. Ganzi police also remind you that it is currently an important season I state wild mushroom picking listed, the high season is also eating wild mushroom poisoning, the majority of the public to beware of picking and eating poisonous wild mushrooms, to avoid the tragedy.相关的主题文章:

Shanxi, Xiangfen police to restore the two cadres fighting incident disputes arising from the dog – meyou

Shanxi Xiangfen police to restore "two cadres fights": – Dog dispute for the Beijing new network in November 1 Linfen Xinhua (reporter Fan Lifang Qu Lixia) October 31st, the netizen posting said, Shanxi County of Xiangfen province Linfen City Environmental Protection Bureau, former director of the high and a family of three in the park during a seven year old man beaten, and upload two videos, causing social concern. 1, local police case investigation progress, because the two sides chasing a dog bite and dispute, triggering a tussle, both parties were injured, is currently being identified. 31, two, a director of the Xiangfen Environmental Protection Bureau of the original family of three Park beat seventy elderly video circulating on the network, video display, in the Fenhe river beside a written " housing construction supervision? " the words of the van, the two woman grabbed an old tear, and fan their ears a pet dog, bite the old man’s shoes, a law enforcement officer in Lycra, eventually, the old man was knocked to the ground, head fell on the roadside stone, a young woman kicked several feet after the old man was an elderly woman opened. 1 evening, local police issued a case investigation progress: October 29th at 17:40 am, Xiangfen County Public Security Bureau town police station received Xiangfen County Public Security Bureau police command center 110: Xiangfen Riverside Park was a fight, the police quickly went to the scene disposal. According to the fighting scene, the police decided to allow both sides to go to the hospital for treatment, waiting for treatment. In October 30th, the two sides fight has reported to the local police station, after preliminary investigation, accepted the public security case. After receiving the report, the police were to Linfen City People’s hospital asked the parties to a Huo Jun, Xiangfen County People’s hospital asked the parties to a high comfort, Riverside Park Management Center access to surveillance video, to witness the scene to conduct an investigation, at the same time, summoned the parties to fight a high and a giant wei. After investigation, Huo Jun, male, born in December 1942, Xiangfen County retired cadres; and a high, male, born in December 1961, Communist Party members, vice president of the Xiangfen branch of the Shanxi Cultural Studies; Wei was born in June 1962, a giant, a high war wife, is a teacher of Xiangfen middle school; high Shu, female, June 1992 a daughter was born, and high unemployment at home, graduated from university. In October 29th 5 pm, Huo Jun a cycling exercise after the county Riverfront Park East, met Wei and his daughter a giant high Shu two people take the dog for a walk, a giant Wei dog bite cycling two times passing by a Huo Huo Jun, wheel stop dogs, Gao Shu came up with a Huo Jun after a quarrel, a giant and a Huo Jun Wei, Gao Shu two tussle, Huo Jun a Gao Shu a left eye injury, high Shu, Wei Huo Jun will be a giant of a head injury, after a sit in the riverside park Jun Huo management center of the patrol car, Wei a giant called her husband a high war. A high War saw her daughter left eye, sitting in the patrol car and beaten to a Huo Jun questioned its face, a nose bleeding caused by Huo Jun. After the incident, the county Party committee and government leaders to make instructions to quickly find out the truth, according to law, timely response to social concerns. November 1st?相关的主题文章:

Gwadar Port and free zone business promotion will be held in Karachi – International – ca1805

Gwadar Port and free zone business promotion will be held – International – August 25th in Karachi, Pakistan port and shipping minister Mir hasil Khan??? Hiso Joe (left four), consul general Chinese in Karachi Mu Yongpeng (right four), China overseas Port Holdings Limited chairman Zhang Baozhong (right). At Gwadar Port and free zone, business promotion conference witnessed some enterprises with Chinese overseas Port Holdings Limited signed a memorandum of cooperation. (Maas Rule? Hossain photo) Rudge in August 26, the Xinhua News Network (reporter Ji Wei) and the Gwadar Port Free Zone Business Seminar in Pakistan on 25 held in the southern city of Karachi. Seminar organized by the Pakistan port and shipping department, China overseas Port Holdings Limited (China kcontrol) and Gwadar Port Bureau jointly sponsored. Promotion will be introduced on the Gwadar Port and free zone construction and operation, and promotion of the investment preferential policy, giving priority to the development of industry etc.. Pakistan port and shipping minister Mir hasil Khan??? Than Joe, China had stationed in Karachi consul general Yong Peng, China mu kcontrol chairman Zhang Baozhong and relevant business representatives, hundreds of people attended. Mu Yongpeng said in his speech, the progress of construction of Gwadar Port is stable, at present the two sides are pushing the Gwadar International Airport and East Bay Expressway construction. He said that Chinese companies also help the local construction of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure. Gwadar Port City construction will create a lot of jobs for the local people. Zhang Baozhong said that the first phase of the free zone project has entered the construction phase, will be completed before the end of 2018. At present, land acquisition, resettlement, infrastructure construction, policy support, internal management and other important progress has been made, with the initial investment conditions. Hasil said that the construction of Gwadar Port is Pakistan people’s dream, he thanked the government China to Pakistan’s help, I believe that the Gwadar Port Construction will be beneficial to Pakistan’s Baluchistan province economic development. During the promotion, China Hong Kong and Pakistan’s 4 agencies and enterprises signed a memorandum of understanding cooperation. According to reports, as of now, there are more than 20 Chinese and foreign institutions and enterprises signed a letter of intent with China Hong Kong control. It is understood that the Gwadar Port has built 3 20 thousand ton berths and can handle container and bulk cargo and other types of goods. Free zone close to the Gwadar port. The south is the first phase of the project, will rely on the wharf construction area logistics development with trade fairs, trade, transit and other functions; north area of manufacturing processing, focusing on the development of small household electrical appliances, daily necessities and fishery products processing, transportation equipment manufacturing, metal processing industry, etc.. (commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng (Intern), Yang Mu)相关的主题文章:

Alternative play Taimu Mountain dance with stone – Sohu travel mmhouse

Taimu Mountain: play offbeat and stone Dance – Fuding Taimu Mountain tourism Sohu "more people can see the mountain, clouds or flash. Tianlao days of intense suffering to the cross, tops the five Chicheng mask. Tiantai eighteen thousand Zhang, this is to fall southeast." When Li Bai first read his "grand" Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream, dreams often indulge in Li Xiansen in the creation of force as high as inextricably bogged down in, Wesley, foot Xiegong clogs body Denzin ladder, sunny ocean, the air smell of chicken. In the cloud green come to rain Dan Dan Xi smoke dreamland, was the hill crest collapse, "the stone door slammed in the open, then see rainbow garments, riding on the wind, cloud Xi came under the monarch, immortal man, column like! Dream to do so surging, I wait for mortal people to give their knees on the spot. The bow and scrape powerful thing, so that I may not be happy! And the White Hart green slope, to ride mountain. There were also so, ancient waters flowing east. Talent is so capricious! I and other non Fuding people especially the people of Zhejiang will naturally make female urine was the education of Tianmu is located in the Zhejiang Xinchang Tianmu Mountain, because "it investment in Akito Yan Su, Tianmu Cen. But apparently, Fujian said quite dissatisfied, they think this is Li Xiansen had been naughty, but under the guise of the name in Tianmu Shan, really wrote the scene of Fujian Tailao and rumors, one word is: they think Taibai written by Comrade "Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream" is the protagonist, really — Taimu Mountain. Early on the weather, Taimushan, the yen value plummeted, prompting almost every mountain will meet good weather and even call the emperor classmates she missed — as long as women fate was enough — fortunately, Taimushan beauty, originally do not rely on these external packaging to reflect, as a temperament has the connotation of the mountain, Taimushan vulgarity available four words to describe: mountain wonderland. Taimu Mountain is located in the northeast of Fujian Province, forty-five kilometers away from the urban area of Fuding, in the East China Sea, three facing the sea, a mountain, North Yandang, West Wuyi, according to legend Yao when mother orchid in the mountains, and the emergence of Xian to every monk named "too, mother", later renamed "too basking". It is coarse granite rocks, Mesozoic Cretaceous geological history product, dating back nearly billion years, the crustal movement in the mountains and cliffs, gradually formed a cave with millions of years arranged in a crisscross pattern, wind and rain erosion and water erosion, finally see today’s towering peaks and rugged rocks. Previous praise: "no one like vulgar Tailao stone, Shengong, with the Italian people know, Vientiane in the chest." Honesty does not deceive the. Taimu Mountain, most of the time in the circle of stones lamented the peculiar shape of different temperament, or their harmony, or towering, or other warm heart, such as free or some outsiders, we traveled up and down, in the meantime, saw a steep narrow slit as bright as sun and moon, the steep, a look back, just surprised feel actually in the body is Gu mountain, overlooking, the vast sea, sea mountains, vast, misty, under the steep ladder, shocking, a variety of real beauty, not who cannot be personally on the scene. World famous monk of Taimu Mountain is also accounted for more. Guoxing temple, baiyun temple, hall of five hundred Arhats are the eye of the mountain to mountain.相关的主题文章: