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Paid for class some students earn each month phenomenon rife quietly more than 2 thousand Sohu news "all-weather for class, can deal with all kinds of difficult teacher, every large 20 yuan……" "All-weather for class, can deal with all kinds of difficult teacher, every large 20 yuan, quality assurance not bargain." But the day before the University truancy It is often seen. reporters found that, with the "skipping market" grow in the classroom for "employer" called a "to" you can easily earn tens of dollars! Due to the credit system management in some colleges and universities, the academic performance of students, mostly accumulated scores in summative assessment and daily evaluation therefore, class attendance usually directly affects the students’ academic achievement. For this reason, colleges and universities now quietly rise for class". Paid for class phenomenon quietly become a trend, and for the class most were students. New express reporter Zhou Cong Wang Juan University for investigation into the industrial chain in the starting price of 25 yuan a class have social practice class, not something too late to go to school, don’t want to go to the meeting…… As long as the requirements of the class, in the QQ group to say, someone took the initiative to complete the credits for the course. Recently, the new express reporter visited found that more than a group of college students in Guangzhou, for the class has formed a more mature industry chain. Send a class photo online transfer to complete the transaction as long as the input "for class" or "substitute" in the words of QQ or WeChat, you can find a large class for the group, there is only forty or fifty Guangzhou. The number of people in these groups in 200~300, and some even up to 2000 people. Reporters to join the name of the Guangzhou University city class instead of the WeChat group, there will be no messages appear in the group. "Tomorrow morning to two large, two girls help for class, interested private chat." "Tomorrow morning the first and the second large need a boy for class, interested private chat."…… After the request is issued, the WeChat group did not appear to respond to the relevant, but dozens of seconds later, the request of the "employer" will speak again on the group: "has been found." Subsequently, the reporter in the identity of the employer in the group for the course of information: in November 8th, 7, and the 8 section for the class, girls, interested in private chat." Dozens of seconds later, a number of students through WeChat initiative to contact reporters. The reporter learned that, when someone orders, price talks and account details, such as the number, class and name etc.. After the "employee" will come in the classroom scene photos uploaded, then the "employer" by Alipay or WeChat red etc. to complete the transaction. The whole process does not need to meet. For the course fee is according to the length of the course fee, usually a large course fee of 25 yuan. The longer the class, the higher the fees, if the class has homework, quizzes and other charges. In addition to the class, the reporter found that the group can also provide a meal, on behalf of the express delivery, on behalf of the sign, on behalf of the physical education can run. The nickname of the group members are mostly marked with information such as service and free time. The course is for English language course reporter noted, English, Chinese, computer and other basic courses for public class has become the hardest hit. College students looking for people for the course of physical education, physical.相关的主题文章: