Palm oil can effectively break before the high

Palm oil can effectively break before the high? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! From this week’s situation, palm oil market continues to rebound rhythm, the price at the beginning of the week quickly rushed after maintaining high sideways trend, the price performance, the main DCE contract in January week rebound of about 2.35%, the price rose 140 yuan, approaching the previous rebound highs, BMD index rebound to 30 week Kyrgyzstan, rose 1%. Domestic spot, Southern China 24 degrees palm oil rose about $50 to $6200, port stocks are still hovering at 290 thousand tons low. It is understood that the Malay 24 degree of palm oil in recent months, FOB rebound in the 5 to 735 U.S. dollars, the spot end near the far month remained approximately $65 price, the previous period has narrowed, the international market, brown beans spread in recent months to maintain a narrow range in 30 dollars, 80 dollars in 10-12 months. The current international oil market demand to maintain the overall easing, producing nearly strong structure spread far weaker can remain worthy of attention, most of that market in recent months, the spot price of the current situation is not enough to drive the demand side to undertake sustained high. Back to the domestic palm oil market analysis, the main contract in January from the first chart to see the trend, palm oil monthly from March through February 2011 K line since the formation of the long-term downward trend line, to maintain the overall price of about 4800-5650 price range fluctuated, the basic price range means that the palm oil price range to complete the move, the price range from the technical support force strong, for the price of the large single direction need to maintain attention. From a fundamental point of view, this week, the main difference lies in the majority of traders gradually released on August Malaysia estimated the supply and demand situation, from the point of view of consistency, the majority think that the market in August ending stocks will appear anti seasonal decline, thanks to the yield increase was less than expected and a substantial increase in exports rose. From the average estimate, in August the average yield was estimated at 1 million 700 thousand tons, an increase of about 10%, the average export forecast of 1 million 670 thousand tons, an increase of 21%, stocks fell to 1 million 600 thousand tons, the lowest level since the same period in 2009. Market is expected to be relatively consistent, the price is strong momentum, attention next week’s MPOB data, if there is no significant accident, then the possibility of good. On the other hand, the early September Malaysia palm oil exports may still maintain a relatively strong trend, thus from both supply and demand, favorable factors overlay, palm oil relatively strong market may still continue to wait next week, MPOB data released in September, the yield trend will be relatively key. Overall, in the current time, palm oil prices approaching the previous high point, breakthrough may be triggered at any moment, the main driving factors is the production cycle, the recovery yield continued below market expectations, which will lead to market concerns about the reconstruction of Malay stock. From the point of view of the specific operation of the market, the current report data before the introduction of the author相关的主题文章: