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People’s Daily: there is a kind of enjoyment called struggle (people’s Forum) – Sports – these days, Xiang Jiang, Macao Bay, set off a wave of Olympic games". Rio Olympic Games Olympic Games delegation to visit the mainland, ignited the passion of patriotism and struggle, harvest bursts of cheers and applause. The Chinese women’s volleyball team, is undoubtedly one of the most shining star. Indeed, tenacious struggle and win glory for the country, women’s volleyball team spirit has a value beyond the game. Coach Lang Ping said that winning is the secret to "fight" the word, "don’t talk about winning women’s volleyball team spirit, but also to see the process of our efforts". This is so, perhaps because of the legendary "iron hammer" in the heart, the spirit embodied in the "fight a bite in the top". It is this "spell", to the women’s volleyball team to glory, but also to give them a chance to enjoy the enjoyment of overcoming difficulties, self transcendence, enjoy the success of the championship. Women’s volleyball players to see, there is a kind of enjoyment called struggle". Life is also the field. Confucius watched the river surging forward, go forward with great strength and vigour, "It passes like this. husband, regardless of day and night". Time forward, have a dream in the heart stirring, may be difficult to stop the pace of struggle. Many users say, pointing to a spell word: continue to run in order to see farther sky." Although know should often stop to look at the scenery, but can’t stop also dare not stop." "I’m not afraid of wasting my life."…… Life is short, goes; in addition to hard work, no choice. Any success must be hard. It has been suggested that the 10 thousand hour rule: to become an expert in a field, you need to pay 10 thousand hours of continuous efforts. Exercise 10 thousand hours, it is from the ordinary into the extraordinary must cross the threshold. However, this is not 10 thousand hours of purgatory, is not necessarily. On the contrary, if you can feel your progress every minute, feel a step towards the dream, then every drop of sweat you flow, is a shining medal. This is not a good enjoyment? People have an instinctive need for self actualization. Fight, in order to meet a better self, which is the internal driving force for the growth of life. "Do not experience wind and rain, how can see rainbow?" Pay more, the greater the harvest, it is also because the process of paying, the process of struggle, in itself, make life full of meaning, is itself a self realization. From this point of view, success is only a by-product, but in order to successfully fall again and again, it is a greater value. Just as some people say, no struggle over the success is not successful. Everyone should also be able to create a better self through struggle. Of course, this does not mean that the exchange of the current good to do. In fact, success has never been a simple fight time is so simple, it also requires a sincere love, a high degree of concentration, as well as appropriate adjustments. The game successfully reversed a strong opponent of the women’s volleyball girls, must be completely immersed in the desire to win, selfless devotion and effort in every ball, but the fight, but to no regrets. Women’s volleyball spirit, at that moment is more like a pure, upward energy相关的主题文章: