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Philippines or close a number of mine electric: to China nickel supply disruptions hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reference news articles from reference news network September 20th British media reported that the Philippines environmental and natural resources minister Lopez said that Philippines may be in violation of environmental regulations on the grounds, further shut down at least 10 mines, which will threaten the country and half of nickel ore operation, Philippines is the world’s major nickel ore supply in china. According to the Reuters reported on September 19th, as Philippines’s second largest producer of nickel warned that more mines was shut down will lead to China market supply disruptions, global nickel prices immediately jumped 2%. Reported that Philippines’s president Duthel Te took a tough stance on the industry, warning that the country can survive even without mining. Since July 8th began to examine the mining industry in Philippines shut down 10 mines, eight of which is mine. Philippines is 30 in mine operations, but Lopez said, in the release of mine inspection results, other mines may be ordered to suspend business. Asked whether it will shut down more than 10 mines, Lopez said there is a possibility. "Shutting down these mines will definitely affect the supply of China and other markets," said Bravo, who expects his company to pass the inspection. Reported that the nickel mines and more faced the risk of production in August 10th, boosted three month LME nickel rose to a year high of $11030 a tonne. Since then the price has dropped, but on Monday, nickel prices rose 2%, GMT reported at $9915 per ton, this year has risen by $12%. Reported that Philippines is China’s largest source of nickel ore, nickel used to produce stainless steel. Last year, Philippines exported 34 million tons of nickel ore to China, this year, 1-7 months of exports fell by 27%. In September, students return to school, because the students active accident prone, and learn the risks the abolition of compulsory purchase, parents in school for children protection is urgent. [read] foreign media said the Philippine mining industry and Chinese blow: 95% nickel ore imports from the Philippines Reference News Network August 8 news media said, as Philippines’s hardline president intensify the crackdown on the irresponsible behaviour of mining, 1/4 of the country’s nickel mine has been shut down, and the authorities will further action, which makes the world the nickel market panic. According to the Reuters website reported on August 5th, Philippines is the largest supplier of Chinese nickel ore, and other alternative supplies are very few, this inspection actions to promote nickel prices rose 13% last month. Philippines’s president, Duthel Te, was elected in June 30th, vowing to crack down on crime and target hundreds of suspected drug traffickers. He recently warned the mining industry, or to comply with more stringent environmental regulations, or closed down, and said the Philippines相关的主题文章: