Phoenix News sued today’s headlines unfair competition claims 20 million yuan of economic losses 乃々果花

Phoenix News Today’s headlines prosecution of unfair competition claims for economic losses of 20 million yuan case acceptance notice Sina Francisco November 1st afternoon news, Phoenix News and today’s headlines dispute and the new traffic hijacking plot, Phoenix News today officially announced, some of today’s headlines coerced malicious Phoenix News client behavior, official proceedings to Beijing City Haidian District the people’s court, asking them to immediately stop the breach of the basic business ethics of malicious acts of unfair competition, and claim the loss of 20 million yuan. Phoenix News said, today’s headlines never on the Phoenix News client pointed out in a city, a platform of Phoenix News client malicious events make any official explanation, coerced apology and response. And that, in the headlines do not face up to their responsibility and avoid wrong behavior at the same time to the court today, Phoenix News client violated its reputation, this is a kind of malicious litigation deliberately confuse the public. Phoenix said it had filed a lawsuit, the statement said: "in order to protect our legitimate rights and interests, but also to the market order of justice, we have some of today’s headlines coerced malicious behavior of the Phoenix News client, sued formally to the Beijing Haidian District people’s court, asking them to immediately stop the violation of basic business ethics malicious unfair competitive behavior, publish an apology for 30 days in today’s headlines client first screen significant position of national media platform, to eliminate the adverse effects caused by the bad behavior, and compensation for economic losses of our total cost of 20 million yuan. Beijing Haidian District people’s court has accepted the case on November 1, 2016. We reserve the right to take further legal action against today’s headlines." Phoenix News Headlines today and the traffic hijacking dispute began in October 26, 2016, Phoenix News said the first user report today’s headlines have hijacked traffic behavior, then Phoenix issued a statement, asked headlines today to apologize. Since then, today’s headlines on the matter did not respond directly, but in October 28th, announced the "defamation" and "reputation infringement" the Phoenix News Report of Shanghai Lake court, and claims for loss of 5 million yuan. Sequence of events can also refer to Sina more technology tracking reports: "Phoenix News Headlines today issued a statement condemning the traffic hijacking bid keywords induced download", and "Phoenix News Headlines today in response to" traffic hijacking "defamatory statement! See you in court ". (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: