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Beauty Many people in America are now considering plastic surgery despite the slow economy in the United States. Studies have shown that every year, there are over 13 million procedures done. This indicates that the operation has increased by 5% from the previous years when it was introduced. The most obvious reason is that everyone wants to look good and younger. The surgery increases a persons self confidence which they lacked previously. The surgeries not only improve how a person looks but also improves their attitude towards themselves. There are many plastic surgery procedures available to enhance an individual’s appearance. For example, if someone is obese or overweight, there is a weight loss surgery which can help recover their youthful slimness faster than dieting alone. Aging has been proven to have no credibility in todays culture. Getting older does not mean that you are getting wiser or even more prosperous when there are so many under 30 in parts of the world who are multimillionaires. However, from a recent study, it has been shown that people who have had surgery to gain a youthful appearance are accepted more. These individuals also do not find any problem being associated with students from college. Many peopleappear 10 years younger than their actual age and their self-esteem is greatly increased. Advances in technology today have made all types of plastic surgery possible. The most .mon type of surgery being carried out today is surgery of the breastat 318,123 followed by liposuction at 289,016 and eyelid surgery at 152,123. The breast surgery is normally known as breast augmentation. It involves a basic procedure done when someone needs to resize the breast. The process is also known as mammoplasty augmentation or breast implantation. Breast implantation is usually a surgical process whose main aim is to resize the womans breast to a smaller or larger sizeas well asshape it. It helps improve the bodys silhouette for purposes of aesthetics to enhance self esteem or give them back form. This is especially true for breast procedures were women (especially after pregnancy) want tohave their breasts enlarged. This operation is able to add on a womans self confidence since it involves enhancing the size and form of breast. Although the process is usually effective in boosting self confidence, it can also set the scene for changes. These changes can be on how people treat you after taking the surgery or even changes in the overall appearance of your breast. Augmentation of the breast is surely an issue that many women have considered. It helps women feel good about themselves. In most women it revitalizes and provides a greater sense of femininity. Before carrying out the procedure, ensure you have consulted a plastic surgeon that has the necessary skills. One who will advise you if it is appropriate for you to undergo the procedure.The procedure is usually performed with anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain and remain unconscious during the surgery. Like any other surgery, there is also a brief recovery period and results are visible within a few days to weeks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: