Play is the four high cost joint venture SUV recommended candle june

Is the time to play four cost-effective joint venture SUV recommended this year’s Chengdu auto show is a successful event. On this show, the manufacturers have launched their own "killer", for example, the Volkswagen Skoda booth not only the stars there is also rising popularity to overflowing. The reason is that during the show Skoda launched Yeti version of the model is of course the brothers brothers, "righteousness" the word, the new increase in human abundant comfort and security configuration based on forward version, priced at 159 thousand and 800 yuan. The reason why consumers love the car, in addition to the "Brotherhood", because it is more hardcore German SUV a high performance. Of course, today Xiaobian will also recommend another 3 models of joint venture SUV models, take a look at their respective performance. The models recommended a Volkswagen Skoda YETI (129 thousand and 800 -20.98) recommended models: 280TSI DSG brothers edition guidance price: 159 thousand and 800 yuan in the design, the Yeti brothers version retains the tough personality style, the appearance of the interior details also have a new show, a hardcore fashion style. One dynamic body lines, simple short front overhang short rear suspension design, sharp hard roof line, flying arrow high waist, surrounded by SUV features surrounded by large SUV exclusive design, make it very tough temperament. Varioflex rear seat free combination function unique space more diversified portfolio for passengers, super wide-angle panoramic sunroof much consumers are also equipped with light, is 3 times larger than the normal sunroof, open area of 40% larger than the ordinary sunroof, bring more transparent feeling of space. In the intelligent configuration, Yeti has a diverse and rich entertainment system, equipped with MP3 music format support CD playback entertainment system and rich external device interface, high-quality sound effects to create excellent enjoyment. High performance: powerful power control in performance, Yeti demonstrated the true character of hardcore SUV, has a leading peer models in dynamic control and strong off-road ability. The new version of the Yeti brothers with Volkswagen Group EA211 series 1.4TSI engine and 7 speed DSG dry dual clutch gearbox gold combination of power, when the engine speed is 1750 RPM maximum torque can have 250 Nm, 100 km combined fuel consumption of only 6.3L, with strong power and excellent fuel economy. Shift experience smooth delicate, more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, to meet the needs of users more driving pleasure, less fuel consumption. In terms of high-tech security configuration, YETI line comes standard with front passenger seat airbags, a three point safety belt, the driver seat belt warning, ISOFIX child seat fixing device, a new generation of WOKS security head etc.. The Yeti brothers version of the vehicle in the security configuration to increase the front side of the dual airbags, reversing radar and other intimate practical intelligent equipment. In addition, also increased the multifunctional leather steering wheel, leather seats, allowing occupants to enjoy comfortable.相关的主题文章: