Preview Guo ban less fear of being difficult to help Liaoning Bayi upset five game losing

Preview: Guo ban less fear of being difficult to help Liaoning Bayi upset five straight first pages: Shenzhen VS Liaoning CBA regular season fifth round will be in Beijing in November 9th took the lead in the five game, the Liaoning team away to Shenzhen team, the team Guo Ailun lifted back booster. Sichuan team home game Jiangsu team, see Liu Wei, two veteran with the field of athletics, full of feelings, and full of love for the. Shandong’s home court and Beijing Ao long team, the Fujian team against the home court have the three foreign aid Guangzhou team, who can win? The following is the analysis and prediction of the five games: Liaoning – Shenzhen VS Shenzhen team (including the predecessor of Dongguan Marco Polo team) confrontation with the history of Liaoning’s 22 times, the Shenzhen team record of 8 wins and 14 negative, at a disadvantage. The fourth round of the regular season, the Shenzhen team home court victory over the Jilin team, made 3 wins 1 of the negative record. Is the service, the Shenzhen team on both ends, from the inside and outside are good, the offensive team more flowering, has scored in double figures seven, scored 108 points, while the defense will Jilin team score under 90, only 88 points, the protection of the rebound has also done well 8 more rebounds than the Jilin team. It is particularly worth mentioning is the small foreign aid Pargo, scored 18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, has played a central role. He not only play, pay more attention to the team, the Shenzhen team is also suitable for personal play. Li Muhao, the center of the local progress this season, the 5 round of the last round of the vote in the 5, to get a score of only 20 minutes, it seems that the Shenzhen team is interested in the round of the game with the Liaoning team to reduce the playing time of the. The Shenzhen team Liaoning team play some fear, the fire also has double foreign aid output gap. The Liaoning team the last round away game overtime loss to the Guangdong team, by the end of three in a row. From the game, more than the main suspension of the Liaoning team eventually lost in the physical, in overtime on offense and defense is top fixed. The Liaoning team in Guo Ailun, He Tianju and other four in Zhao Jiwei a total of six fouls, Han Dejun physical decline, the basic offense revolves around Hodson to play, when Hodson is too tired to move, the game is naturally lost. This game, Guo Ailun will be lifted back, but according to coach Guo Shiqiang after the last round, Guo Ailun is the poor state of health, now every night is still low grade fever, return slowly after recovery. Guo Ailun comeback, the team can enrich the offensive routines in Liaoning. Team Liaoning epicycle team against Shenzhen, historically, in the face of Han Dejun Li Muhao have great advantages, coupled with the impact of the perimeter of the Liaoning team, great odds. The two teams clash record [Shenzhen team last season 2 War 2: regular season: the twenty-fourth round of the thirty-sixth round of the Liaoning Liaoning Shenzhen 82:96; Shenzhen 109:93 page second: Shandong VS Shandong VS Shandong Beikong Beikong team and the Beijing team (including the predecessor of Chongqing Ao dragon team) against the history of only 4 times, the Shandong team battle performance is 3 wins and 1 losses. The fourth round of the regular season, the Shandong team home court loss to the Beijing team, the Beijing team for eight consecutive years by the end of the record home court. From the point of view of the game, Shandong offensive routines simple相关的主题文章: