Prime Minister concern! Increase income, the State Council issued a document calling you receive

Prime Minister concern! Increase the income of residents, the State Council issued a document called you receive a red envelope (Figure) April 11, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry. After the registration of registered capital system reform, the local registered enterprises blowout growth, Li Keqiang said, what is the reform? Reform is to maximize the mobilization of the people’s enthusiasm, emancipate the productive forces. Decentralization so that people can improve entrepreneurial income, lower cost of living, this "high" is that the government should do! To improve the skills of personnel more high technology than income distribution policy, leading to increase investment in human capital to improve the skills level of treatment and social status, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the new era of artisans, craftsmen training high level country team, leading the industrial workers gain skills, increase ability, increase income. – improve the technical workers salary incentive mechanism – through occupation qualification, degree certification channels – create a social atmosphere of advocating skills in accelerating the orderly transfer of agricultural population of people at the same time, the new town, to increase the cultivation of new farmers’ occupation and support efforts to accelerate the process of occupation, drive the majority of farmers share the fruits of modern. – improve the new occupation farmer income increasing ability of modern agriculture – mining potential income – expand new channels for farmers’ income occupation deepen the reform of institutions, the implementation of incentive mechanism in order to increase the knowledge of value oriented, improve the conversion results of the revenue sharing ratio of scientific research personnel, the wage income, project achievements incentive, reward incentive and guide researchers concentrated multiple the research work, to stimulate technological innovation enthusiasm. The perfect wage decision mechanism – improvement research projects and funds management – improve the performance evaluation and incentive mechanism to further reduce business costs, improve innovation benefit distribution mechanism of entrepreneurial achievements, promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation in wider range, higher level and deeper extent, guide and support small and micro entrepreneurs in the "double" realization get rich revenue. The removal of business barriers, enhance the entrepreneurial participation rate – increase support for efforts to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial achievements – Exploration interest distribution mechanism perfect property protection system, the protection of property rights in accordance with the law, to further stabilize expectations, optimize the environment, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote economic growth, increase employment, enhance efficiency, workers’ income and realize the benign interaction. The way of strengthening the private entrepreneur incentive incentive wage system of personnel management of state-owned enterprises to improve the sound, different regions, different positions of different incentives, the establishment of sunshine welfare system, fully mobilize grassroots cadres working enthusiasm, improve the relevant personnel incentive mechanism of synchronization. The perfect salary system – perfect differentiated incentive mechanism – clear welfare standards and the scope of objects, encourage and guide the participatory poverty and people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups have the ability to work and working conditions to enhance human capital, actively participate in productive labor, increase revenue through their own efforts. The promotion of industrial poverty alleviation establish linkage mechanism and employment of low – to improve the relevant system of special assistance – to enhance job creation ability – effectively enhance the labor market liquidity – rising labor market supply and demand matching ability相关的主题文章: