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"Private" whether there are barriers to entry? National inventory management of homemade food – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 14th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, according to reports, all kinds of moon cakes are selling private consumers, blew up a "buy private production" main trend: "pure Handmade" and "material natural health", "pure natural additive" hot cakes. But in fact, many of these cakes are no manufacturer name, no production site, no production hygiene license of the "three noes" moon cake. Under the "private refined taste" slogan, how to ensure the safety and quality of these cakes is worrying. Someone to provide mobile phone APP private kitchens "neighbor" meals personally RBI good, think it is convenient at ease. But these private kitchen APP was exposed with no barriers to entry, food quality is not optimistic. Looking abroad, they are not such a private production of food? How to ensure the quality of homemade food? Can rest assured to eat it? Informal companies to produce home-made food, and who should be regulated? The main push in the TV, fried chicken and beer, South Korea, in fact, there are a lot of homemade dishes. South Korea recently launched a query, report, search for food information APP. Japan has experienced like Morinaga milk, drainage oil crisis, snow and other food safety "labor pains", the Japanese government as a warning for the future strict supervision on food safety, also have strict access to personal production "cuisine". The Japanese "private" specific to the government and how to ensure food safety? "Global Chinese radio network" Japanese observers Huang Xueqing introduced in Japan to sell any food items are subject to licensing, either homemade or supermarket such as making cakes, dishes, either via the Internet or small booth sales, any processed food, any size must be sold prior to the local health care the business license. The food must be sold in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the food hygiene law, the health promotion law, the standards for agriculture, forestry and materials, and so on. For example, in the food packaging, must indicate the names of raw materials, preservation methods, additives, whether genetically modified ingredients, manufacturing and so on. Manufacture and preservation of places through government inspection, such as must have ventilation equipment, pest control measures, the water meets the food water standard, whether there will be raw material milk all stored at 10 degrees Celsius equipment. The production of fresh vegetables must have more than two sinks, etc.. Without strict management of food sales, may lead to food poisoning, food contamination accident, and through such complicated application and strict inspection, so many want to do some food for sale person. Therefore, the market in this field is not prosperous. "Global Chinese radio network" Australia observer Hu Fang said that most of the Australian food are licensed to provide businesses. Hu Fang said, such as the Mid Autumn Festival, he also received a number of moon cakes, there are some unique shapes, but not mass production, but as long as the fine.相关的主题文章: