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Provincial remote medical billing framework is intended to determine Jiangsu standard September 19 Nanjing Xinhua Anhui Hu grandmother later retired to Nanjing and his son live together, the next door neighbor grandma Zhang from Jiangsu of Lianyungang province. Two elderly people often chat together, talk about the problem of reimbursement of the doctor, the mood is not the same. Hu grandmother every year to save the doctor’s bills down, a one-time return to Anhui home reimbursement, it is very troublesome, and Zhang grandmother every time as long as the doctor to show social security card, you can real-time settlement. The convenience of Granny Zhang benefited from the exploration of Jiangsu Province remote medical settlement. In 2009, Jiangsu in the domestic first carry out the remote medical billing services, according to the deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Medical Center Zhang Yu introduction, as of now, the province to achieve networked remote medical billing has 79 regions in 65 regions, 906 medical institutions in Jiangsu Province opened settlement business networking platform. In the near future, Hu grandmother is also expected to facilitate medical treatment through this convenient way. At present, the Department has set up inter provincial remote medical billing framework, Jiangsu provincial remote medical networking construction standard system is also proposed settlement. Jiangsu: Exploration of remote medical years without obstacles, outside the display of canal Taoist Department of remote medical research, about 90% out of the province is the province of remote medical treatment, medical treatment in the proportion of about 10%. The province is the basis for the settlement of remote medical networking is the basis for the settlement of medical treatment." According to Zhang Yu introduction, by the end of 2016, Jiangsu will be fully realized in the province offsite medical treatment fee settlement. According to the policy, long lived in different places or illness need to transfer foreign medical personnel, the insured after the formalities, to the opening of the medical institutions in networked remote medical billing for medical treatment, as long as the unified social security card, you can direct credit card settlement, the settlement process as well as the local medical staff to facilitate the insured. Currently, the network is not concentrated in the main areas of South of Jiangsu, the Soviet union. In Suzhou, a hospital of Kunshan medical insurance office director said, the city of Suzhou has been achieved across networked remote medical treatment, but across the city still needs manual reimbursement settlement. As of 6 at the end of 2016, a total of 133809 remote medical personnel in Jiangsu province by the remote medical platform to realize remote real-time credit card settlement of medical expenses, representing an increase of 78.55%; through the network settlement platform in Jiangsu Province remote medical treatment expenses over the same period last year, an increase of 45.66%; a total of 906 medical institutions in Jiangsu province to open network platform settlement business, growth of 60.71% over the end of 2015. In the inter provincial remote medical billing, Zhang Yu said that the Jiangsu provincial networked remote medical billing system will be upgraded on the basis of the provincial and municipal level remote medical platform, construction standards are being developed. In this regard, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of human resources and social requirements, years in the networked remote medical billing, outside the barrier free channel. Trans provincial medical settlement framework has been determined: medical insurance policy list, many industry insiders, networked remote medical billing problems, mainly in accounting standards on health care. Currently, Jiangsu province is based on the medical treatment of the settlement of the insured, such as Taizhou medical insurance patients to Nanjing to see a doctor, when the card automatically in accordance with the Medicare treatment of Taizhou相关的主题文章: