Qianhai open source Yang Delong entrepreneurial success is the key to fly ca1805

Qianhai open source Yang Delong: the key to entrepreneurial success is to fly the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Qianhai Kaiyuan Yang Delong: the key to success is to "reliable" Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund chief economist Yang Delong in October 12, 2016, second national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation Week kicked off, many enterprises great coffee and hit off the debut the main venue in Shenzhen, Premier Li Keqiang personally inspected. In March 2015, public entrepreneurship, innovation is written into the "government work report"; in June 2015, the State Council promulgated the "on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples some policies and measures opinions". The new wave of entrepreneurship is coming, are you ready? Shenzhen is a paradise for entrepreneurs, mainly young people in the city, the first generation of people who came to Shenzhen more than and 30 years ago, so Shenzhen has always been the forefront of innovation in the country. We see that in recent years, the development speed of Shenzhen is ranked in the main city of the first city, other than the development of good, reason is that Shenzhen has created innovative entrepreneurial environment, many young people went out of the university to try to start, not to go to work, but his own boss. Napoleon said, do not want to be a marshal of soldiers is not a good soldier, Shenzhen provides a working environment to become a boss. Entrepreneurial success is the key to fly for the timing of entrepreneurship, I think there must be a basis for entrepreneurship, there must be a certain experience, rather than blind entrepreneurship. We know Bill · the University of did not read, created Microsoft, became the world’s richest man, but most people do not fail. Can not be an example to promote experience. According to the survey, the 26-35 age group is most suitable for entrepreneurship, this age has been working for a long time, there is a certain accumulation of wealth, this time also know their own strengths in which, what are the advantages, can go to the business. On the field of entrepreneurship, in fact we see, not just like high-tech in the field of "double week", as the financial industry, the traditional agricultural areas, are able to do poineering work. In fact, entrepreneurship is regardless of age and industry, the key is to start projects and entrepreneurs to fly". Beijing, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shenzhen as entrepreneurship for the two industrial city has a good foundation, the various aspects of the industry chain is relatively complete, entrepreneurship and innovation on this basis, may be relatively easy to find financial support, are more likely to find a good project. From the government level, for a number of passengers, there are relatively large subsidies. In some places, the introduction of 1+1 subsidies, you out of ten million, the government will give you a ten million guide funds, so there will be more innovation. For a lot of angel investment, does not necessarily cover all of the passengers, more is a small number of projects in order to attract these market-oriented funds. It requires the government to support, is now a lot of money by the government in providing funds, such as low-cost ground plant, do some financial subsidies in political相关的主题文章: