Qiantang River ancient seawall protection section of Songcheng is worrying new facilities covering B-magicq

Qiantang River ancient seawall protection section of Songcheng is worrying new facilities covering Beijing today – on the 19th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Zhejiang Haining Yanguan, come to view the tide Qiantang River tourists early to occupy a good position. At the beginning of the current temporary, distant flashes of a thin white line. With the passage of time, the white tide gradually thick, youyuanerjin push to sound like thunder. When the visitor’s eyes are focused on the surging tide of the tidal wave, China academy director Lv Juan is the history of water conservancy turned to shore stone piled up on the seawall, stare for a long time. "You see this period built in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong period of the sea fish pond, still line the tidewater, well preserved. Unfortunately, not all of the ancient seawall have such good luck." She told the science and technology daily reporter. Now the natural wonders of the ancient Qiantang River tide, but often cause serious flooding. In order to resist the tide of Qiantang River estuary plain cross-strait invasion, the history in the cross-strait sea walls. Tang and Song Dynasties, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Fujian along the seawall system gradually formed. After the development of the Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty period to build the gravity type Shi Tang period, the peak in the Qing Dynasty reached the technical achievements of ancient seawall project, formed in Zhejiang Haining stone scales represented the gravity type Shi tang. These ancient seawall, the "sea of the Great Wall". With the development of economic and social progress and modern city, most of the second line of the ancient Tang is facing natural erosion and man-made damage. 19 – 20, sponsored by the Hangzhou 2016 Chinese academy history forum and the "Qiantang River seawall protection and the inscription" seminar, Lv Juan and experts together to promote the expression of Qiantang River ancient seawall and the world heritage protection concerns. "From the ancient seawall remains at the north shore of Haining, Xiaoshan, Vietnam and south sea salt, and the structural integrity of Linjiang section, most other seawall relegated to the two or three line, or demolish, or drowned, or converted to rural roads, heritage information major damage. Along the different areas of its protection is relatively large, part of the pond has been listed as the county level, provincial and even national level cultural relics protection units, but most do not make a comprehensive and effective protection and utilization of the system, the situation worrying." Zhejiang provincial cultural relics and Archaeology Research Institute deputy director Huang Bin in an article that describes the status of ancient seawall. Fang Youqiang, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Institute of cultural relics and archaeology to do a field investigation from the side confirms the concerns of the Huang Bin. They survey in Hangzhou Qiantang River North seawall site and found the village of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the lion had basically preserved seawall body intact, but the surrounding environment changed greatly; between the lion village to the Hangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences Section of seawall surface has been difficult to see the area in addition to the lion’s mouth outside the village, the original houses have been demolished, high-rise buildings in Songcheng; most of the new facilities have been covered seawall seawall, appearance is unknown. "If you do not take timely measures to intensify efforts to protect and expand the scope of protection, Qiantang River ancient seawall of this great human heritage will be difficult to continue to maintain its style, its original cultural genes will also face disappear. As one of the three great ancient Chinese engineering, Qiantang River ancient seawall should be emphasized, and the timely declaration of world cultural heritage project." Chairman of the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)相关的主题文章: