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Qiao Renliang died suddenly entertainers have to mourn the [Abstract] a sudden, Qiao Renliang had had working partner entertainers, cooperation is also the first time in the social platform expressed their shock and regret. The Tencent Tencent entertainment news entertainment news group in late September 16th 9, news leaked online, star Qiao Renliang in Shanghai a villa suspected of sudden death. Subsequently, Tencent exclusive access to the news of the news of the police, confirmed that the deceased was the actor Qiao Renliang, initially ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is not clear. At the same time, the incident has been applied for celebrity protection, the official will not announce the details of the event. The incident suddenly, and Qiao Renliang had worked in the performing arts circle, working partners on the social platform for the first time published their own shock and regret. Screenwriter, television producer ring Yue micro-blog, collaborated with Qiao Renliang filming the drama "Jinxiu Grand Adventure". Too suddenly. Can only sigh. Remind yourself: life will be happy now". Yuan Chengjie sends micro-blog to mourn. About ten days before the incident, the two are still recording a reality show. According to informed sources, after the end of the recording, the two sides also ate supper deficiency. Qiao Renliang brokerage company Huace entertainment called for respect for the dead. "No matter what want to leave, the dead is dead, no matter whether you bring joy to living artists or memories, now people have not, let him leave quietly! Would you please leave a little bit on the Internet, thank you!" Qiao Renliang brokers to express his heavy heart. "Trouble please don’t call me a message and do not listen to rumors do not believe rumors I now the mood is very heavy and I don’t want to talk to anyone!" And Qiao Renliang had to refuel. "Good man" Song Xiaobo expressed his shock. "I don’t believe in Qiao Renliang……" Huang Xiaoming: only in the rest, is to respect life at least! Brothers, all the way. Xu Lu made plans to mourn the presenters left to express their appeal. Let the dead rest in peace, may the living point mouth!" Moderator Li Chen: brother… Well…….. a crazy twisted world, please give a little respect for the dead last… Amber Kuo: Joe, [Qiao Renliang] go mourning brokers posting mourning: let him rest相关的主题文章: