Quanzhou, a man holding a stick of wood will be killed two colleagues were photographed tsumori chisato

Quanzhou, a man holding a stick to two colleagues killed whole photographed yesterday (October 22nd) evening, occurred in the five massacre frightful to the ear Industrial Park of Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, a man armed with sticks, two former colleagues for their heinous acts to death…… And he attack the whole process, have been shot down! It happened in five in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, a company at the door of the masses live video display, was already dark, two people lying on the floor, a man wearing a dark jacket with a two meters long, thick stick, hard toward two people lying in the hit, the mouth is also constantly shouting what. The two smashed while lying on the ground motionless, seems to have gone mad. So how did it happen? Why did the man do such a devil? At night, reporters came to the scene, the informed people told reporters that the attack man was originally the company’s employees, then do not know what reason to leave, when the driver, currently have two kids. The source also said that the two dead were a couple, there are two children, one of the deceased is the company’s management. As for whether there is any holiday, we are not very clear. However, insiders said yesterday (October 22nd) afternoon, someone saw the attack man stayed in front of the company, kept the whole afternoon. At the time of the incident, the company just to work, then took a man suspected to fix the tree sticks, found the victim, forced to be beaten, two of the victims soon fell to the ground. Company employees were suddenly shocked by the scene, at first, we were scared, see the man holding a tool in his hand, did not dare to come forward. Unexpectedly, the man in the hands of the victims still sticks at already lying on the ground can not afford, in the face of this evil act, employees are angry, we spontaneously organized, together to find tools, for this man. The attack man rushed to escape, a dozen workers with out together to catch up, finally in a few hundred meters from the entrance of the company where the man control. Subsequently, the police arrived, the suspect control. However, the above statement has not been confirmed by the police. Last night, Jinjiang police issued a court notification, informed of the case as follows: October 22, 2016 18 am, Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau received a report said in five in Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Industrial Park in front of a company, with a gun fight. After the alarm, Jinjiang City Public Security Bureau immediately mobilized police, the 120 nearest to the scene disposal, two wounded Hwang (male, 40 years old, Sichuan people) and Chen (female, 46 years old, Guizhou people) the 120 scene died. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Zhao (male, 28 years old, Yunnan people) Department of the company employee turnover, with the victim Huang before trivial disputes, holding sticks beating Huang and Chen came and tried to mediate in the entrance of the company at the time, injured two people, 1.相关的主题文章: