Quanzhou Dehua flood killed 1 people 500 years bridges were destroyedlara fabian

Quanzhou Dehua flood killed 1 people 500 years bridges were washed away yesterday afternoon, reporters learned from the Quanzhou municipal flood control office, typhoon "catfish" 28 days 04 when 40 points before and after landing in the coastal areas of Huian County, the center of the wind 12 (typhoon). 27, 14 – 28, 8, the city’s heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rainfall. As of 28 May 9, Quanzhou’s population of 70 thousand and 437 people affected, 122 thousand and 600 people evacuated; 34 houses collapsed; tolls direct economic losses total 650 million yuan. Affected by the typhoon, Quanzhou was most seriously affected by Dehua. Dehua flood control office yesterday afternoon news release, the 28 day at 3:29 in the morning, Shiniu mountain water town reaches 14, adjacent to the south of Cheng Zhen tadou rainfall of 329.8 mm, will cause flash floods, 2 bridges, 2 deserted houses washed away, blocking the river, resulting in a nearby three storey brick concrete structure building (non disaster, non low-lying land, non dangerous) were destroyed collapsed, the owner Huang Jiamin (male, Shuikou Town Li Keng Village) death. In the afternoon, in a 500 years of bridges were destroyed. On the afternoon of 28, according to the town dangzhengban, trapped village a total of 5, respectively, Kun Li Keng Cun ban Cun, Mao CuO Cun, Cheng Ze village, village list. On the 28 day, 428 trapped villagers have been arranged with the help of local village cadres to a safe place. As reporters at 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the cumulative transfer of various dangerous areas in Dehua, 4014 people. (reporter Wan Daihui)

泉州德化暴发山洪 1人身亡500年廊桥被冲毁   昨日下午,记者从泉州市防汛办了解到,台风“鲇鱼”28日04时40分前后在惠安县沿海登陆,中心风力12级(台风级)。27日14时—28日8时,全市普降暴雨到大暴雨,局部特大暴雨。截至28日9时,泉州受灾人口7.0437万人,紧急转移安置 12.26万人;倒塌房屋34间;因灾直接经济总损失6.5亿元。   受此次台风影响,泉州以德化受灾最为严重。德化防汛办昨日下午发布消息称,28日凌晨3时29分,水口镇石牛山风力达14级,相邻的南埕镇塔兜降雨量达329.8毫米,导致山洪暴发,将2座桥、2幢无人居住民房冲垮,堵塞河道,造成附近另一座三层砖混结构房屋(非地灾、非低洼地、非危房)被冲毁倒塌,房主黄甲民(男,水口镇梨坑村人)死亡。当天下午,山中一座500多年的廊桥被冲毁。   28日下午,据水口镇党政办介绍,被困村共有5个,分别为梨坑村、昆坂村、毛厝村、承泽村、榜上村。28日当天,428名被困村民已在当地村干部的帮助下全部安排到安全地点安置。   截至记者昨日下午6点发稿时,德化累计组织转移各类危险区域人员 4014人。(记者万代辉)相关的主题文章: