Refit ships using silencer by night pirate infested rats across the Gulf of Bohai oil stealing hundr-ca1871

Refit ships using silencer by night "pirate infested rats" across the Gulf of Bohai oil stealing hundreds of tons of rule of Law — original title: modified vessels used by night "pirate infested muffler rat" across the Bohai Bay oil stealing hundreds of tons of oil tanker wake up, little more than half, I do not know where to look for the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The police find out the whole port, the transfer of the video, but did not find any traces of the thief. Oil is how to avoid the suspect take wings to itself? By monitoring and reporters one by one?. This is the Liaoning city of Dalian province for the first time, the Liaoning provincial public security department under the sea to steal oil theft, which is a cross Liaoning Hebei Shandong, around the Bohai bay "cat mouse war", this is a survey of hundreds of tons of oil, Mopai three thousand fishing boats, twenty thousand km race roundabout…… In March 30th, with the last arrested suspects, investigation by the Liaoning Dalian diamond Bay border police station more than a million dollars worth of oil theft case cracked formal series. The sudden "Pirates" rat "stolen oil wharf in Liaoning August 28, 2015 jittery frequency, Dalian border detachment diamond Bay border police station received the alarm call of pier No. 9 oil supply ship Rong Sen. Originally, the boat to the pier to find workers morning hull some tilt, was worried about oil spill in the cabin, the storage tank does not want to supply ship on the sea side of 30 tons was absolutely empty. In September 6th, a large Wharf in another company to report that Ming Lu No. 3 oil supply ship 34 tons of oil theft. Just 9 days, there were two consecutive oil theft cases, and the value is as high as 50 yuan, this is not only for oil companies suffered huge economic losses, but also makes the area of Dalian coastal ports jittery. Through the visit and investigation of the victims unit near the port of the police, the basic rule of embezzlement, collusion crime may. Then the stolen oil is of no clue, take wings to itself? The police by the way to sit back and wait wait Touyou mouse again. The early morning of September 12th, police found a suspicious squat wooden ship slowly close to the Ming Lu Company No. 3 oil supply ship, two people quietly boarded the ship looking for refueling. Police emergency dispatch, the first time went to the site of the incident. Can just arrived at the scene, the police found that the gang stole oil ambush. Melee, they seem to be ready, picked up a stick of confrontation with the police from the deck of the shore. At this time, the two criminals on the tanker to see the situation is not good, in the attempt to escape back to their boat over, Dunshou police immediately jumped to the tanker, and dragged him to one of the suspects. The rest of the crew see this case with a wooden stick and attacked police, suspects captured in battle accidentally fell into the sea. The wooden boat to the maximum horsepower quickly fled, the ship’s personnel in drowning suspects threw a rope with the buoy to be rescued. Swiftly time, wooden boat disappeared in the vast darkness. "This wooden boat hull is specially modified, ship power increased from conventional 240 horsepower to 380 horsepower, before the hull added three large caliber silencer. The wooden boat is not only fast, and even small movement, it is difficult to capture the police vessel)相关的主题文章: