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UnCategorized Youve set the date for your wedding and now you have some important decisions to make. Once the gown has been purchased and the bridesmaids dresses have been decided on, now its time to choose the wedding flowers. But how do you go about doing that? After hearing the horror stories of the wrong flowers being delivered right before the ceremony begins, or of the florist dropping the box with the wedding bouquets in it and crushing them beyond repair, you get a little bit nervous as you approach the subject. Perhaps your aunt has offered to do all of your wedding flowers as a gift to you, but you remember your cousins wedding when all of the flowers started turning black because she turned her spare refrigerator too low and the flowers got too cold! How do you gracefully say no to her kind offer? It will be a bit easier if you keep in mind the birds nest that she hot-glued to the ring bearers pillow! It was a hideous surprise for the bride, and one you could do without! Then there was the flood that destroyed the local florist last year. All of the wedding flowers were destroyed for your best friends wedding. Sure the florist has rebuilt, but do you want to worry about another disaster ruining your day? So, whats the answer? Silk wedding flower packages that are delivered to your home weeks before the wedding is the answer! Not only are the silk flowers realistic looking and elegant, but they also come in the exact flowers and colors that you want. Plus, if you get them in advance, you have time to adjust some things if you change your mind or arent happy with the results. With the availability of online silk wedding flower sites, you have the opportunity to shop for the silk wedding flowers of your dreams right from the comfort of your own home or office. Are you looking for a clutch wedding bouquet or do you want a more formal look, as in a cascading bridal bouquet? A hand-tied wedding bouquet can either be a casual addition to the wedding, or it can have a more elegant look, depending on the flowers used. Three of four white calla lilies can look exquisite when used in a hand-tied bridal bouquet. With silk calla lilies, theres no chance of bruising if the heads get hit somehow. Silk calla lilies also have the advantage of the straight stem, which isnt the case with fresh. Hand-tying fresh calla lilies is sometimes challenging if the stems are curving in opposite directions. Unlike silk stems, you cant simply bend them in different directions! Silk wedding flower packages arent limited to just the wedding bouquets. They also include the flower girl basket, or pomander, the ring bearers pillow, or ring chest, and the corsages and boutonnieres that you will need. Custom-made according to your specifications, silk wedding flower sets can eliminate a lot of the stress that can cloud over a perfectly happy wedding day! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: