Release 6387 sheep good or not. mentalist

Release 6387 sheep: good or not, according to the Beijing News reported recently, a girl named Zhuoma spent $5 million 100 thousand, bought from the slaughterhouse 6387 sheep released into the prairie Seda news triggered hot Internet users. Some netizens praise Zhuoma ", the local environmental protection bureau kindness knows no bounds" but said that more than 6 thousand sheep all back to rtar grassland, greatly exceed the capacity of grassland animal husbandry. For questioning, Zhuoma said, 6387 sheep are in foster pastoralists in the pasture, and not let go freely on the grassland. But some experts said, even if it is in the grasslands of herdsmen grazing, the sheep is also the need to eat grass, still need to deal with the relationship between sheep and pasture." Otherwise, this sheep will face starvation, release is tantamount to "put to death". The ecosystem is a precise and interrelated system, which is harmful to the whole system by artificially increasing or decreasing the species. Therefore, the release should be strict and scientific, and not "mess"; otherwise, even with good intentions, but also may bring risks to the ecological environment. For now, the blind release may also be suspected of illegal. The newly revised "wild animal protection law" clearly stipulates: "the random release of wild animal, causing personal injury or property damage or harm to the ecological system, undertake the legal liability according to law." When the disorder is still released when the release will emerge in an endless stream, into the orbit of the rule of law is a pressing matter of the moment.相关的主题文章: