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Report: college graduates and migrant workers employment will increase the difficulty or the Sohu news source: report on the development of labor and social security network in September 23rd released "China (2016)" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") said that this year the employment pressure, the employment pattern further differentiation, entrepreneurship will become an important industry employment growth momentum, while the recessive unemployment problem is more prominent. The "report" said that in the next stage, the employment effect of many favorable factors under the situation is generally stable, but the market demand or will continue to weaken the structural unemployment risk prevention and control tasks increased, college graduates and migrant workers employment will increase the difficulty or. The report by the Ministry of human resources and social security research institutions directly under the China Academy of labor and social security science and Social Sciences Publishing House jointly issued. The report said that in 2015 the employment situation is stable, there is no large-scale layoffs in the enterprise, the market does not appear obvious labor shortage or job panic". However, the report mentioned that in 2015 the trend of some of the major indicators of volatility, weaker than in previous years. Such as the decline in the growth of new jobs in the city, the market demand for labor has decreased, the loss of jobs for a long time, increasing the number of registered unemployed. Show some signs of trend, industry and regional groups, employment difficulties, pain and risk increase, or increase. Data show that in 2015 the beginning of urban employment fell sharply, and the maximum reduction of up to 280 thousand people; at the end of the year is still down 100 thousand, the first decline since 2009. 31 major cities and towns to investigate the unemployment rate is also a "L – down – up – down" M "shape trend, the maximum amplitude of the monthly period of up to 0.21 percentage points over the previous year to expand. The transfer of rural labor employment also showed a downward trend. According to the monitoring data of 500 administrative villages in 10 provinces, the rural labor force of 2 at the end of 2015 the number of migrant workers fell 23% in March, migrant employment began to rise, gradually approaching the end of the second quarter and exceed the level of the same period last year. The number of registered urban unemployed and the number of people receiving unemployment insurance premiums also rose, the number of registered urban unemployment reached 9 million 660 thousand in late 2015, the peak in recent years. The report said that a series of indicators have been volatile, reflecting the downward pressure on the economic impact of the lag effect of employment, indicating that although the overall employment situation is stable, but the uncertainty has increased. China has always put the employment of college graduates in the first place of employment. The report said that the employment of graduates continued to maintain overall stability. However, the pressure of employment of graduates continues to exist, and increasingly heavy. According to statistics, the 2016 college graduates reached 7 million 650 thousand people, an increase of over the previous year, a total of 160 thousand people, coupled with previous years of unemployed graduates, nearly 9 million people. From the demand perspective, the decline in corporate recruitment intentions. The survey found that some enterprises recruitment demand fell significantly, some state-owned enterprises and reserve personnel conducted a few years ago the Internet enterprise, also said that in the current macroeconomic conditions to adopt expansionary human resources strategy.相关的主题文章: