Ride drops four major initiatives to Beijing to push the eleven inter city travel safety – in bleep

Every ride to push the four initiatives to preserve the "eleven" inter city travel safety – Beijing, Beijing, September 30, recently, the ride drops announced a comprehensive upgrade security system, from now on the line "face recognition audit" and "driving orders management", "company by two-way real name" and other security measures, comprehensive security department passenger safety. At the same time, in response to the "eleven" ride across the city to travel peak, drops will also add "night ride across the city to call" service for inter city travel during the holiday season to add close to ensure the safety of users. The general manager drops ride division Huang Jieli said: "every ride has been in continuous efforts to enhance the user experience of security. In the "eleven" on line before the four major initiatives is to based on the existing comprehensive security system, for the majority of owners and passengers to add a safety guarantee, so that we have more confidence to use drops." The introduction of "face recognition" technology driver orders need to brush face according to the introduction, by the new owner for the first time ride before the order required by the face recognition system can be examined in order to prevent the private platform, for the driver and other irregularities, to ensure the safety of passengers. Ride system will require owners of portrait collection by shaking his head, wink, and compares the database document information and the Ministry of public security and the use of facial information owners to upload registration, after the success to formal orders. Face recognition technology is used to ensure that the driver registration account and my information in line with the current database used by the public security departments of the relevant records, and regularly updated data. In addition, if the owners National Day during downwind cross city night orders, before driving again by "face recognition" system audit can begin after the trip. During the holiday season is the peak ride across the city, believe that this measure will further enhance the safety factor of passenger travel. Driving orders management driving a full year to cross city orders since September 30th, more than one year or more owners to pick orders across the city to ride. According to the Ministry of public security "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions", driving the internship period of 1 years following drivers drive on high speed, must be a corresponding or higher vehicle driving license for more than 3 years of driving accompanied. Due to the cross city order most will drive high speed road, in order to take our safety, every ride to enhance this standard, are not allowed to drive in less than a year of the drivers across the city to order. To ride in the long-distance high-speed road ride by both sides, the provisions are an additional security. Some passengers need to order single cross city real name authentication at the same time, in real time, the owners of the security audit based on data at the same time, also began to ride by passengers on the real name authentication across the city to meet the conditions of the order, to ensure the safety of the owners. Passengers will be required to be certified by their real names and identity cards in the event of a night or long distance travel. This initiative will be able to reduce the potential for bad behavior of passengers, to protect the safety of drivers, but also help to establish a sound and reliable Internet credit system. Concern the safety of women traveling across the city to start the night long order outbound is from September 30th to October 8th.相关的主题文章: