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Rock deviated from the original intention, but Cui Jian still adhere to the Sohu culture channel, has always been the era coerced away. Rock is no exception. From this perspective, to discuss the status of Cui Jian in the rock circle, in fact, no significance. Because in this era of rock and roll, more people have been given a commercial value, has deviated from the original intention to appeal to the soul. Cui Jian has never missed the big event of rock and roll, the spirit of rock is a never stop rolling eggs, the reality of this stone although hard, but the egg is life." This sentence is Cui Jian, and in September 30th, is destined to be an exciting day, 55 year old Cui Jian will be held at the Beijing Workers Stadium, rolling the thirty concert. In 1986, Cui Jian stood on the stage and became the first person to use music as "I". But others wonder, now young people ‘s impression of Cui Jian is not on the stage shouting "I was asking" the godfather of rock, but in the TV show with guests performing music again and again. For a long time, Cui Jian and his rock disappeared in the eyes of young people, little influence. At that time, the "disappeared" is the whole Chinese rock music. For a long time after the millennium, "Chinese rock is dead" is like a spell winding around every rock. Rock music is less and less, the band had a disbanded, entertainment swallowed a little real music, piracy, MP3, lip synching…… So in 2002, a campaign to start, because the real proof of the value of rock music, is the live performance". This time is Cui Jian. He initiated the "call signature action", and Luo Dayou more than and 200 people in a piece of red cloth to ensure the order signed his name. Cui Jian said that rock music is an art form defined by the changing of the times, he will not retire on this road. In fact, Cui Jian was never absent from rock and roll. Thirty years later, rock and roll for him is to stick to and build a piece of soil, he said, finally we can do, just to write their own stories, and this society, the story of this era." In 2013, the film "blue bone" release, the information reads: "director: Cui Jian screenwriter: Cui Jian". Yes, Cui Jian, who played rock and roll for the first time, tried to make a film. The theme song was a song that he was very pleased with. This is a cross for Cui Jian, but still can not do without rock. This rock has been endowed with more commercial value appears in the 60s and 70s, Cui Jian is the symbol of that era, whether it is the song "rock on the new Long March", or his hat on the five-star red. And for the younger generation, knowing Cui Jian is through television, through variety shows. Some people think that Cui Jian on the TV show is a compromise, Cui Jian retorted: "we insist on real and true band, if the program group to ensure that I have no reason to refuse. Refused, is carrying a shelf, watching TV viewers." Some fans believe that Cui Jian’s words no matter what age, can be accurate相关的主题文章: