Rush to embrace 30 thousand people! There are three big job fairs in Wuhan for the next three days-sopor aeternus

Rush to embrace 30 thousand people! Today, the three day of Wuhan, there are three large-scale recruitment this year, held in Wuhan for a large number of consecutive days of recruitment, providing nearly 30 thousand jobs, there is a demand for fresh students may wish to look for job opportunities. Provincial Personnel Service Bureau, will be held today in the morning, "I choose Hubei poly excellence college graduates employment service week talent recruitment at Hubei University student activity center. A total of 120 participating units, providing more than 2 thousand and 600 jobs. In enterprises of Hubei Province Archives Technology Consulting Center, Shenglong electric group, and industrial appliances, Sibao group Wuhan loveGod group, Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group and Wuhan humanwell pharmaceutical, Wuhan Haier, Hubei Yihua group, involving financial, administrative, civil engineering, engineering management, land management, marketing, business administration, English, China World Trade Center, accounting, e-commerce, information management, computer and other industries. Free admission for job seekers. Tomorrow morning, "college graduates in Hubei province 2017 meeting will be held in Hongshan stadium, Hubei Huazhou heavy emergency equipment company, Jordan sports, Tianlong Yellow Crane Tower winery, Guangdong Province Metallurgical Design Institute Wuhan branch of nearly 200 companies participating, providing a total of more than 8000 jobs. By the Hubei Human Resources Center hosted the 2016 session of Hubei province in autumn second graduate students meeting "," medical, health, medicine, biology, chemical industry personnel of large special recruitment (including graduate) "will be held in Hongshan Stadium on the morning of 16, providing a total of more than 18000 jobs. High level personnel recruitment day, Wuhan Bioengineering Institute, Hubei College of Arts and Sciences, Dalian Institute of Henan Polytechnic University, more than 100 colleges and universities inside and outside the province to attract. Wuhan traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, Wuhan hospital, Ganzhou people’s Hospital, nearly 130 medical institutions outside the province more than the recruitment of medical personnel. (reporter correspondent Mao Lin Huang Yongjin) concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gifts sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: