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Salary: year of average wage China enterprises in 2017 is expected to rise 7% according to the investigation of the latest ECA International pay trend showed that the average wage China employees in 2017 is expected to achieve 7% growth, inflation is expected to affect the removal of 2.3% in 2017, China employees will be ranked third in the Asia Pacific region is expected to "real" wage growth, wage growth rate 4.7%. ECA International is a leading global enterprise to help expatriate management personnel knowledge, information and technology human resources management consulting agency. China’s average real wage growth rate in 2017 is expected to be 4.7%, higher than the expected global growth rate of 1.5% and 2.6%, respectively, and Asia pacific. Such a high wage growth makes China ranked fourth in the global real wage growth in 2017, representing an increase of two in 2016. Among them, the four first tier cities, is expected next year, the fastest growth rate of real wages for employees in Shenzhen, an increase of more than this year, an average of 3.7%, is expected in 2017, Beijing’s real wage growth rate is slowest, at a rate of $3.2%. ECA International, Asia Regional Director QUANE says, "Beijing is now trying to nudge the economy over the past thirty years from the good effect of export and investment oriented mode to domestic consumption led economic transformation, it can also be a reason why the region’s wage growth is not so fast. Even if the salary rate will be higher than the inflation rate, the company continued to significantly higher than the regional and global average salary rate, which shows that many enterprises of Chinese is to attract and retain employees is still a key challenge." ECA’s pay trend report fully reflects the current and expected salary growth of local employees, and reflects the real wage growth. This year’s report is based primarily on data from 72 countries and regions of the 260 multinational companies. Hongkong employees in the Special Administrative Region will achieve an average wage increase of 4% in 2017. Excluding the impact of inflation is expected to be 2.6% in 2017, the wage growth rate of employees will be ranked the bottom of the Asia Pacific region is expected to increase the real wage growth rate of 1.4% in. Macao employees expected real wage growth of 1.7% in 2017, ranking in the Asia Pacific region in Hongkong. The expected wage growth rate is higher than the real wage increase rate of 1.5% in Macao in 2016. Overall, Hongkong’s economy continues to develop steadily." Guan Lilian said. Asia Pacific wage growth in 2017 the Asia Pacific real wage growth rate is expected to be 2.6%, higher than the other areas surveyed. In terms of the actual rate of increase, the Vietnamese employees will be 5.4% growth rate in 2017 to become the highest in the Asia Pacific region, the highest rate of pay, the global rate of return of second countries and regions. Real wages for employees in Burma will fall by 1.6% in 2017. Although nominal wage growth is expected to be 7.5%, but inflation is expected to be $9.1%, Burma will be the only region in the Asia Pacific region where real wages have fallen. After another deflationary period in Japan, the IMF predicts that Japan will experience marginal inflation in 2017.相关的主题文章: