[San Aimiliweng] from the beauty, you make me drunk ravbin

[San Aimiliweng] from the beauty, you get me drunk in Bordeaux is red wine, is the Aimiliweng st.. Saint Aimiliweng is a people at first sight of the French medieval town, surrounded by vineyards around the fairy tale, is Bordeaux’s most famous Wine areas, there are nearly one hundred Wine Zhuang and dozens of historical sites distributed around the UNESCO World Cultural heritage. The beauty of self driving to San Aimiliweng road from Bordeaux, along the way through the fields, everywhere is hilly undulating vineyards, grape tree lined with a long long, ray like across from the front, the United States too true, beauty too outrageous, no wonder the heroic spirit of Zhao Wei at first sight, acquisition the thirteen had belonged to Louis winery. The local people actually use Malay land, it is rare today, I heard that this is in order not to destroy the nutrients in the soil, the Holy Aimiliweng lamented good intentions, no wonder the eight top wineries in the charming ChateauChevalBlanc, Ausone Chateau Ausone, Pé TRUS and other green cypress; gathered here. The vineyard stretches of the beautiful people like drinking wine, drunk to go. I have seen a lot of vineyards, I have never seen such a beautiful, every time the people of the village, our village, simply, speechless! Standing on the tower on top of the roof, overlooking the surrounding, Brown Beige stone, appears along the gravel paved streets will be able to go back to the middle ages. Saint Aimiliweng was filmed the movie "love", Xu Jinglei and Li Yapeng is here in the alley of the escape single hand. 007 series of wars "Casino Royale" have in the viewfinder, 007 Mr. James Bond (James Bond) is also on the level of Chateau Saint Aimiliweng Angé LUS has a special liking. Saint Aimiliweng stone church mainly built in Eleventh Century, is the town’s landmarks throughout the city can have a glimpse of the towering tower, boarded the tower top overlooking the panoramic Aimiliweng st.. Saint Aimiliweng from the name of a Emilion called Aimiliweng missionaries, the missionaries by divine revelation from Brittany south, through dangerous came to Bordeaux, in a night he came to It’s raining and blowing hard., a barren cave from wind and rain (below: Emilion’s former residence has been well preserved, semi underground cave is located a small church in), and finally decided to stay here after he settled down in practice, the disciples of the Saint Aimiliweng village first residents, Emilion is said to have received many priests signs, most people talked about is that he is a born blind woman to light later Emilion the priest was officially canonized. The city’s famous historic sites but countless, our time is limited not to one by one, even the stone church across the main Abbey (LE CLOITRE DE LA COLLEGIALE DE SAINT-EMILION) are hurried, the most let us feel mysterious Weng相关的主题文章: