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UnCategorized Subscription-based satellite radio service is at the forefront of the US music market. Long gone are the days when people when the only option was in choosing from just one or two measly stations that had poor reception and overbearing, irritating disk jockeys and .mercials! However, local radio stations generally don’t fear the satellite radio revolution, predicting their survival in much the same way basic television has survived, despite the emergence of cable in the 90s. There’s a lot to love about satellite radio and it’s no surprise that Sirius Radio is ranked no. 1 Fastest Growing .pany for 2007 (by Deloitte Technology). First of all, satellite radio provide you with a high-quality digital signal that can transcend geographic borders by beaming down from three geosynchronous .munications satellites orbiting around the Earth. Many channels feature CD-quality sound, static-free. Secondly, subscribers have the choice of over 130 different satellite radio channels, ranging from various rock sub-genres to several news radio sources. This is great news for people who regularly listen to alternative sub-genres like Punk Rock, Death Metal, Christian Rock or Electronica! Satellite radio blends the best of both worlds – the specific ambiance of a CD, with the consumer’s need for exposure to new music in fact it seems that new stations are popping up on a weekly basis. Electronic Music Fans will prefer the Sirius radio service if they’d like a Breakbeat/Old SKool station, in addition to the usual Trance/Progressive stations that both satellite radio services provide. XM Radio has exclusive rights to acclaimed BPM, but Sirius has a special Dance Hits station. The third benefit – that’s worth its weight in gold – is that there are NO .mercials! It may be hard to believe that 100% .mercial-free radio exists, but for just $13/month, you can evade the constant interruptions that plague your morning and late afternoon .mutes. Satellite radio is the obvious choice for truckers, delivery drivers and long road trips. However, the fact that satellite radio costs anything is still a deterrent to many frugal individuals. Therefore, there will always be a market for regular local broadcast stations. At this point, it can be a hassle to go to the electronics shop and get satellite radio receivers for home use or for your car, having said that there is a huge range of satellite receivers and radios for the home and car on many internet sites. In the future, satellite radio will be.e the standard and most new cars will already have it installed. Maybe then the real revolution will begin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: