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Secret dinner! What did the bigwigs eat? The Internet and whitefish early for this Zisun may wear hedge. On the evening of November 16th, the third world Internet Conference held in · Wuzhen summit held a welcoming dinner. The theme of the dinner is the same as that of the second, but it is still the bridge". Under the bridge altogether before the banquet dinner, the reporter entered the dinner is located in Wuzhen Resort Hotel dragon hall water pillow. Four bamboo bridge spans in laying the main table mirror on the ground like water. Bridge side, a few small wooden boats dotted in the meantime, a good Jiangnan Water Town style. And the back round table was exquisitely arranged. In addition to the bridge, each table is provided with a hand lanterns, lanterns under the shade, a place with 4 color small dumpling dishes of food containers, heralding a feast. Ma Tau wall, Guanyin pocket, open design water building shape menu, the eye dish unexpectedly Tongxiang people often banquet dishes: chicken soup, fish and fresh bamboo shoots Jiangnan double, chestnut beef, crab meat fried bean bags, cooking Glutinous Rice Balls…… "Home, of course, is eating home dishes."!" Banquet chef Wu Xinhua said, "for example, this chestnut beef," is it a bit like our Jiangnan braised meat?" Domestic dishes are not common, although they are made in local style and fired in family style, but the effort behind them is not simple. Among the 5 dishes, there was a pumpkin named. The name of chastity, take a closer look at the food is not easy. Originally, the pumpkin was carved into a delicate bridge! In order to study this dish, Wu Xinhua did not spend much time, the first choice of ingredients, after several screening, eventually flower pumpkin. And then sculpture, hollow, solid, or semi solid? The best way to determine the stereo. Besides a pair of fresh fish, but for walnut mandarin fish rolls with shrimp. The walnut mandarin fish volume is the prototype of our southern people often eat pine nuts Mandarin fish. But at the dinner party, he was tall. Wu Xinhua, put the fish out, rushed to blood, steamed in the refrigerator, then into the mud. There are walnuts, go to clothes, baking, grinding, this process has not finished, the reporter has heard faint. In short, light walnut mandarin fish more than 5 volumes, 4 chefs from 7 p.m. to second day in the morning. In the south of the people’s table, eating is often given a very good meaning. For example, Glutinous Rice Balls meaning successfully, meaning a jujube…… On the night of the dinner, the 5 dish was meaning for the five Naxiang, meaning blessing blessing health crab, fresh fish and double was meaning for Xiongyou courtesy…… According to the Wuzhen tourism Limited by Share Ltd consultant Shao Yun introduced, Wuzhen feast and a layer of beautiful meaning – "order", the Internet to link the global village to link more closely, innovation driven, the benefit of mankind, let us work together to build a community of destiny in cyberspace.

晚宴揭秘!大佬们都吃了啥? 入馔白鱼初上网,供庖紫筍乍穿篱。11月16日晚上,第三届世界互联网大会·乌镇峰会举行欢迎晚宴。此次的晚宴主题与第二届相同,依然是“桥”。桥下共品家宴宴会开始前,记者进入了晚宴所在地乌镇枕水度假酒店龙凤厅。四座竹编的桥横亘在铺设着镜面的主桌上,宛若飞架水上。桥边,几只小木船点缀其间,好一派江南水乡风貌。而后面的圆桌也布置得十分精巧。除了桥以外,每桌设有手扎灯笼,灯笼掩映下,一个放置着圆子等4色小菜的小食盒,预示着一场家宴的开始。马头墙、观音兜,翻开设计成水乡建筑形状的菜单,映入眼帘的菜名竟似桐乡人家常宴客的菜品——江南笋鸡汤、鱼虾双鲜、板栗牛肉、蟹粉福袋、清炒甜豆、荠菜汤圆……“回家,当然是吃家乡菜啦!”宴会主厨吴新华说,譬如这道板栗牛肉,“是不是有点像我们江南的红烧肉?”家常菜也不普通尽管取材于本土,用家庭式的方式烧制,但背后所费的工夫却不简单。5道前菜中,有一道名为南瓜。名字朴实无华,细看食物就不简单了。原来,南瓜被雕成了一座精致小桥!为了研究这道菜,吴新华可没少费工夫,首先是选食材,几经筛选,最终花落南瓜。接下来是雕刻,做镂空,还是立体,还是半立体呢?最终确定立体的最好看。再说一道鱼虾双鲜,实则为核桃桂鱼卷配虾仁。而核桃桂鱼卷的原型就是咱们江南人常吃的松子桂鱼。但到了晚宴上就高大上了。吴新华介绍,先把鱼肉剔出来,冲去血水,蒸好放入冰箱冻,再打成泥。还有核桃,去衣、烘烤、磨碎,这一道道工序还没说完,记者已经听晕了。总之,光核桃桂鱼卷,4名厨师就从晚上7点忙活到第二天早上5点多。在江南人的餐桌上,吃往往还被赋予十分美好的寓意。譬如,汤圆寓意圆满,枣子寓意早生贵子……在当晚的宴会上,5道前菜被寓意为五福纳祥,蟹粉福袋寓意福报安康,鱼虾双鲜被寓意为兄友谦恭……据乌镇旅游股份有限公司顾问邵云介绍,乌镇家宴还有一层美好寓意——“齐家治国”,互联网把地球村的纽带联系得更为密切,创新驱动,造福人类,让我们一起携手共建网络空间命运共同体。相关的主题文章: