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See god! Foreign friends super fine iron man armor appearance of the diffuse exhibition just ended in New York diffuse exhibition is one of the largest u.s.. In addition to a lot of production companies will participate in the diffuse exhibition, animation enthusiasts of all kinds of beautiful COSPLAY is also a major highlight of the New York exhibition. At this year’s New York exhibition, there is a fully equipped iron man. The exquisite degree of its equipment to make a lot of fans are skeptical that is not a small Donny directly into the film in the film came to the scene. COSPLAY photos taken at the scene. Iron man is Marvel’s superheroes, by Stan Lee and Tang · · Hector and Jack · Kobe Co creation. Iron man Toni stark, formerly known as · he is stark (STARK INDUSTRIES) chairman of the board, in a plot to kidnap, chest by shrapnel penetrated into life on the verge of death or destruction. In order to save their lives in the same kidnapped physicist Yin Sen (Yin Sen) with the assistance of Toni created to prevent ark reactor shrapnel invade the heart, thus escaped. The source after the use of ark reactor as an energy operation, secretly manufactured a set of high-tech armor, and use to escape the deus ex, this incarnation of "Iron Man" to guard the world. So beautifully crafted armor, many users want to go back to the COSER after the release of their own armor online tutorial. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: