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Shaanxi Weinan former vice mayor Yuan Junxiao bribery two million jailed for 7 years, Yuan Junxiao bribery case trial scene source network in October 31st, the Tongchuan intermediate people’s Court of public judgment Weinan Municipal People’s government, former deputy mayor Yuan Junxiao bribery case, the defendant, al. Guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to seven years and fined 500 thousand yuan; pay back the bribes, stolen goods to pursue. The court found that: 2005 to 2012, the defendant Yuan Junxiao during the deputy mayor Baoji municipal SASAC director, Baoji Municipal People’s government, taking advantage of his position, for the relevant person in the promotion and other matters for their interests, has received 21 times and take a lock, Gao Bo, Chen Kechuan, Xiang Hao Hailu, Ding Jimin yuan 1 million 710 thousand yuan and $30 thousand, Ding Jimin has returned 200 thousand yuan, which, for the high wave of RMB 300 thousand yuan; Ding Jimin received the value of 91 thousand and 100 yuan a watch, the high wave value of 15 thousand and 800 yuan 50 grams of gold bullion commemorative piece. A total of 2 million 16 thousand and 936 yuan. Tongchuan intermediate people’s court believes that the defendant Yuan Junxiao’s behavior constituted bribery, punishable by law. The extortion plot should be severely punished. Yuan Junxiao truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of bribery and confesses his case has not yet mastered the bribery crimes, has confessed the plot; actively pay back all the stolen money, there is repentance, can be given a lighter punishment on it. Then made the decision in accordance with the law. (Shaanxi Gao Tao) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: