Shanghai city about the new regulations of the car to ask the opinions of the Shanghai Shanghai

Shanghai city network about cars to ask "new levy opinion Shanghai Shanghai card" according to the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission website news, Shanghai today issued a "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)", "on the city to promote the deepening reform of the taxi industry healthy development of the implementation of views (comments draft)" and "on the norms of the city of small private bus travel by the opinions (Draft)" and other three documents, leading up to October 21st in Shanghai China portal, the Municipal Transportation Commission website to solicit comments from the public. In accordance with the draft new regulations, Shanghai network about cars need Shanghai Ji, Shanghai brand, the new regulations also on the driver, vehicle access, etc. made clear. Asked the Shanghai authorities about the car network platform company must have the corresponding ability to service the line, the several provisions added the following conditions: first, corporate non City registration shall set up branches in the city. Two network service platform should be connected to the Shanghai municipal traffic administrative department industry management platform. Three is the number of registered vehicles and drivers in Shanghai to adapt to the office space, service outlets and managers. Four is to insure the adult liability insurance. The following is the text of comments: the provisions of the Shanghai municipal network booking taxi business service management (Draft) Article 1 (purpose and basis) in order to standardize city network management service booking taxi, operation safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the enactment of this provision. Article second (scope of application) of these Provisions apply to the city’s online booking taxi (hereinafter referred to as the net car) business services and related management activities. Third principles of development of the city should be based on the development of the car should adhere to the law, green, safe operation, fair competition, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Fourth (tariff) of the city about the market price of the car to adjust the price. The fifth (Management) municipal traffic administrative departments of the city is about the administrative department of the car; Shanghai city transportation management department is responsible for the specific management and supervision of the network about the car. The city public security, human resources and social security, development and reform, environmental protection, taxation, industry and commerce, quality supervision, business, economic information, financial services, network information and communication in the country, the insurance supervision departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, the implementation of the relevant supervision and management. Sixth (Network about car platform conditions) in the city to apply for a network of about car business services, should have the ability to online and offline services. The specific conditions in accordance with the "Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") provisions, should also meet the following requirements: (a) the non enterprise legal person registered shall set up branches in the city; (two) industry platform of network service platform data access traffic administration supervision; (three) in the city have to adapt with the registration number of vehicles and drivers has offices and service outlets and management personnel; (four) the insured liability insurance carrier. Seventh (net about car platform application materials) in the city to apply for engaging in business services network about cars, in addition to the provisions of the "measures" to the municipal traffic administrative department of materials, it shall submit the following materials: (a) to the provincial registration.相关的主题文章: