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Shanghai second-hand housing prices survey: hangtou doubled the price increase in Hongqiao low – Sohu Financial Shanghai 146 plates of second-hand housing prices survey: hangtou doubled the price increase in Hongqiao low in March 30, 2015, the central bank introduced " the two suites Shoufu ratio fell to 40% " the 330 policy. The demand for improving stimulation significantly after the introduction of the policy, the property market 23000 a Mengjin road. Although in March 25, 2016, the Shanghai municipal government has introduced the history of the most stringent restrictions on the purchase of " Shanghai nine " so that the market volatility. But there are still many sectors benefit from this round of rising prices, prices rose even higher than 129.3%. According to the Shanghai home chain announced its listing as of July 2016 year-on-year growth rate (i.e. growth rate) data, Shanghai’s 146 main plate chain growth to moderate level (i.e., an increase of 15%~40%) of the plate up to the number of 80, accounting for 55%, or 39 higher than the low rise 18 and ultra high rise 9. Data show that the impact of the natural environment and urban layout in Shanghai, the significant differences between the plates. The new world, the old Minhang rose over 75% Airlines head prices doubled in the analysis report chain in the new world, Xuhui Binjiang, Jiading metro, the old Minhang 9 plate was assigned to the Shanghai high class or sector. This type of plate year-on-year growth rate of more than 75%, in addition to Huacao, hangtou, plate rents ratio is between 500 and 700. Nanjing East Road, the minimum rent ratio for 512:1. Boat head plate rose the highest, the chain growth rate of more than 129.3%, the price has more than doubled, even the lowest increase in the new world chain also rose by 75%. Old Minhang, Jiading metro, the first 6 sections of the price of the ship in the price of $2.5 to $50 thousand per square meter, in July more than more than 170 sets of turnover, many in the outer ring, demand, demand driven rise. Nanjing Road, Xintiandi and Xuhui Binjiang in the three section of the listing price has exceeded 70 thousand yuan per square metre, the monthly turnover of not more than 35 units, located in the inner ring, the geographical position is superior, is high or bring the scarcity of land resources. In addition, Lujiazui (26.090, -0.80, -2.98%), Jingan Temple, Peng Pu, songna 23 plates were classified as high or low rent ratio, plate rose between 40%~70%, rents ratio is between 450 and 750. Most of the volume of the plate between 50 to 200 sets per month, the average price is between the listing of $70 thousand to $4. Xhenzhuang rent 400-700 back to the Hongqiao second-hand housing prices low rise, Shanghai chain home listing price as of July an increase to the medium level (i.e., an increase of 15%~ 40%) of the plate up to the number of 80, accounting for 55%. Among them, the medium or low rent than the class includes Huaihai Road, Zhenning Road, Xhenzhuang, Songjiang city and other 42 sections, contains the largest number of types of plates, increase in 15%~40%, back to the period between 400 to 700 years. These plates.相关的主题文章: