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Shanxi Taiyuan police break large narcotics — Law — original title: Shanxi Taiyuan police cracked large narcotics in Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau Store Bureau recently informed that the Bureau after nearly six months of investigation, destroyed two transportation, drug trafficking gangs, seizing 6 kg, cut off a line across the Shanxi Sichuan two the drug chain, successfully cracked the Ministry of Christ "2016-222" number of drugs target. The investigation of the victory in mid March of this year, shop branch police obtained an important clue in the work: drug traffickers from Zhongjiang County of Sichuan province to Taiyuan to buy methamphetamine trafficking, and a larger number of. After analyzing the task force to determine the criminal record of criminal suspects Ma Moudong has a major suspect, he has repeatedly visited Shanxi, Taiyuan and Sichuan Province, two counties. Through the analysis of the route, police determined the horse in Sichuan in early April moudong will return to Taiyuan, and is likely to stay in Jiancaoping district a district. In April 4th 10, the district into a silver suspicious vehicles, police were dispatched into sight. Although the license plate number and the police do not grasp the situation, but the body color, models are consistent. According to the work of the police to determine the experience, the suspect must be to escape the attack, midway changed the license plate number. The "man" to identify, determine the suspect in the car. Sure enough, the vehicle stopped after the horse and other associates moudong personnel down from the car, go directly to the car to open the trunk. The time is ripe, the police will suspect on the spot and seized control of the East, with the food box 5 camouflage bag weighs about 4.5 kilograms of methamphetamine from the car. Subsequently, the police according to law, Ma moudong home search, and arrested a co-workers Yim, also seized Magu 4 grain, more than 180 grams of methamphetamine. Digging expanding line of business task force to further increase the horse moudong of drug trafficking case mining efforts on the catch line to find the drug sources, under the line seized drug addicts. Around the main suspect Ma Moudong, increase the intensity of the trial the police on the one hand, the fact that the account of illegal trafficking of drugs, on the other hand the extensive collection of relevant information, find out the whole chain of drug trafficking. According to Ma Moudong’s account, the police along the lines tracing, in July 15th, Berlin million Wayao Village in a rented room and arrested the horse moudong transport drug suspect Liu Mouyong together. With the gang members have been arrested, Ma moudong source of drugs have gradually surfaced. The police investigation, the Department of Zhongjiang County line staff in Sichuan Province Ma moudong Yemou, many times to buy methamphetamine to the people of Zhongjiang county. Go to Zhongjiang investigation by the police, the implementation of identity Yemou and other information, confirm its major drug trafficking suspects, while the situation was reported, after the Ministry of public security to determine the target case. Seize the opportunity to complete the net at the beginning of September, the police task force to grasp the important situation, Taiyuan drug traffickers Yang Moulin, Wang Mouxi to Sichuan County of Zhongjiang province to buy drugs and will return after Yemou trafficking, hence in the regular trading area under strict surveillance. September 11th, the police found a hotel in Chaoyang Street, Yang Moulin and other traces, and then start the arrest, and the Yang Moulin, and another man was arrested on the spot, from the man, and another man on the spot in the possession of the goods, and then another man, the man and the man of the world, and so on, on the other hand, he was arrested, and another man was arrested on the spot from the man, and the other man on the spot, people相关的主题文章: