She gave up for 36 years glory, splendour, wealth and rank, mistress, moved the original! – Sohu-winlinez

She gave up for 36 years glory, splendour, wealth and rank, mistress, moved the original! Sohu – she was a great lady, the socialite, who fell in love with a romantic young, love to run away, to be about 36 years as mistress! Miss Zhao Si — her name is Zhao Yidi, also known as Yi Xia, because ranked fourth in the sisters, known as Miss Zhao Si, born in Hongkong, a prestigious official family. The most splendid age to be a lifetime to the pursuit of love at the age of 16, had let her love life confidante, the air marshal — Zhang Xueliang. Two people met in Tianjin, a ball, and between the eyes of each other, attracted to each other, love at first sight. Four. Met, two people often about playing tea, consistency. A brief encounter, her engagement in the body, and then Zhang Xueliang has a wife in. That year, Huanggu Tun incident, Zhang Xueliang’s father Zhang Zuolin was killed, as the eldest son, Zhang Xueliang want to go back to her funeral, only one sentence: "I came back" political turmoil, Zhang Xueliang took over the Northeast power, due to overwork and ill, she was in Hongkong, all just want to accompany rufen, beloved, for him to solve problems. ??? is not afraid of being criticized, even let his very humble, let this low to the dust of love to bloom. In September 1929, on the grounds of Zhang Xueliang to visit her, went to Shenyang, which, at that time is to elope. Her father know, rage, issued a public notice, and cut off all her contacts, expelled from the hall, and strangers. She leave the hometown, the home can not go back, can only rely on only Zhang Xueliang! To Shenyang, she found Zhang Xueliang, and there met Zhang Xueliang’s wife — 1936, a righteous, tolerant and open-minded woman. (Yu Fengzhi) Yu Fengzhi tolerant husband, also accepted the fact that she had to stay in Shenyang, but put forward two requirements: no birthright, not into the ao. As a great lady of her, no birthright, then to outsiders, she is a mistress, a woman. But love will never ask the value is not worth, will not care about any consequences. In order to be able to stay in Zhang Xueliang side, she was willing to accept these conditions, in order to accompany the identity of secretary Zhang Xueliang side. What’s more, Miss Zhao Si with a sincere moved in, built a small building in the house to the East, let Miss Zhao Si live, two people with the sisters. ??? loyal two people love romance, make the world by storm. She lives with you house only separated by a Hutong Beiling villa, this residence became Zhang Xueliang’s longest visit places, two people live like ordinary people living here, away from worldly troubles. In 1930, she was pregnant, but are now infected with disease, grow back slightly, the doctor advised her to have abortions to cure, but she is determined to suffer, and Zhang Xueliang gave birth to the crystallization of love — the only son of Zhang Lvlin. ??? love, it is best to stand alongside you in the bow, it’s so easy to fall in the scenery on both sides, but also hold the tempestuous waves.相关的主题文章: