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She is the first international supermodel Chinese own fashion brand 17 years style transformation – Sohu mentioned China "First World supermodel" Lv Yan, you will not be unfamiliar. The iconic thin fine facial features, different from the traditional aesthetic Chinese, but shine in the international arena. Over the past 17 years, from the original young ignorant waiting to be selected to the pioneer model, now dominate a fashion brand, in time to witness her now morphed into a mature woman of independent. Legend style is not static, but in a new way to interpret and continue the spirit." Lv Yan waiting to be chosen, it is better to take the initiative to choose the style of your attitude towards life, I like the elegant atmosphere, but also like the simple nature." Lv Yan Lv Yan — best known as the first international supermodel is Chinese. There was a time when, no matter what magazine, you can see that she is very special or controversial face. But no matter how much fame, in essence, is a model is selected and passively waiting for the industry — wait for notification, waiting to be dressed as a photographer, waiting for other instructions, waiting for the next work…… But Lv Yan is a person who likes to take the initiative, she chose to spend all their free time to enrich themselves, to explore their own unlimited potential. Everyone in the hands of the time are the same, how to use this time to have a different life? Lv Yan: this has a thorough experience with famine, she chose to change, the full time, let life full. As the TIFFANY EAST WEST wrist wear series, shape is graceful, is designed to subvert the traditional perspective we read time, calm the texture of the leather watchband, feeling the time component is invisible. Now she has realized her dream. As the design of brand COMME MOI is the main reason behind the brand, there are many interlocking details are in her decision. In this way, that year as a white Chinese girl in Paris to choose the future of their own, dreams, outlook on life, taste, love…… "Without Paris, there would be no me today." Lv Yan wore Tiffany T 18K and Tiffany T 18K White Gold Diamond Bracelet rose gold diamond bracelet, Tiffany East transformation in the dark West watch down, failure is never a shameful thing "Tiffany T series of simple style, neutral, fashionable, but also has the fine tradition of Tiffany jewelry quality." Lv Yan: "I like challenges and do things that make me excited." When modelling become stable, Lv Yan began to be. She said: "if everything has a decisive moment, my moment is 30 years old this time point. At the age of 30, I think it’s time for me to have my own business. Well, then, let’s get started." So at the age of 30 this year, Lv Yan founded the CommeMoi brand, slowly learning and exploring every link in the fashion industry chain. In 2016, Lv Yan founded the brand.相关的主题文章: