Shenzhen started the history of the most stringent real estate special rectification – Sichuan chann kimi wo omou melodi

Shenzhen started the history of the most stringent real estate special rectification – Sichuan channel — original title: Shenzhen launched the "history of the most stringent real estate special original title: Shenzhen launched the" history of the most stringent real estate special rectification in the second city property market continued high temperatures have been introduced over the tightening of the property market policy. The day before yesterday, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s government general office issued "Fuzhou further promote the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market a number of opinions" notice. In the commercial housing price management, the Fuzhou municipal government for the same batch of listings of all the publicity should be a one-time sales price, and specify the same type of housing prices, the next batch or not more than a 10%. BYD reporters yesterday from the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Commission was informed that the Commission has to Management Bureau of Shenzhen City District, issued by the institutions directly under the "on the real estate market special rectification work notice", special inspection operations requiring the Department of land planning, land planning and supervision departments on enterprises, agencies in Shenzhen city housing real estate, illegal behavior of masses of complaints or reports of the real estate business investigation. It is understood that the real estate market special rectification action covers a wide range, more content, strong crackdown, called the history of the most. Nanjing housing provident fund management center yesterday issued a "moratorium on accepting bank loans for commercial revolution" document clearly pointed out that since October 1, 2016, suspended the revolution business loans for. All 24 September 30th after the entry of the system of revolution discount loan applications will no longer be approved. This means that the implementation of more than a year of Nanjing revolution discount loan policy ended. (reporter Zhu Kaiyun) (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)

深圳启动“史上最严”房地产专项整治–四川频道–人民网 原标题:深圳启动“史上最严”房地产专项整治   原标题:深圳启动“史上最严”房地产专项整治   在二线城市楼市持续高温的情况下,各地纷纷出台收紧楼市的政策。   前日,福州市人民政府办公厅发布《福州市进一步促进房地产市场平稳健康发展若干意见的通知》。在商品房价格管理方面,福州市政府要求同一批次房源应一次性全部公示销售价格,同时明确规定同类型房屋的售价,下一批次的涨幅不得超过上一次的10%。   北青报记者昨日从深圳市规土委获悉,该委已向深圳市各区直属机构、管理局下发《关于开展房地产市场专项整治工作的通知》,要求各区规划国土部门、规划土地监察部门对深圳市房地产开发企业、经纪机构的经营行为进行专项检查,对群众投诉或举报的房地产企业的违法违规行为进行查处。据了解,此次房地产市场专项整治行动覆盖面广、内容多、打击力度强,堪称史上之最。   南京住房公积金管理中心昨日发布“关于暂停受理建行公转商贴息贷款申请”的文件明确指出,2016年10月1日起,暂停受理公转商贴息贷款申请。凡是9月30日24时以后录入系统的公转商贴息贷款申请一律不再审批。这意味着实施了一年多的南京公转商贴息贷款政策结束。(记者 朱开云) (责编:李强强、高红霞)相关的主题文章: