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Shock! England coach was photographed fishing reporter Claudio Allardyce used his position to extort. Sina sports news England coach Allardyce may suddenly class! This news has become the headlines of today’s British media. In an interview with an Eastern businessman, Allardyce said he could charge 400 thousand pounds to help him avoid some of the rules of the football association to operate freely to seek benefits. Unexpectedly, the businessman is actually posing as reporters, the whole process has been secretly shot down, the scandal has shocked the British Allardyce, I am afraid it is difficult to keep his job. Two months ago, Allardyce took over the national team of England, signed a contract to reach 3 million pounds salary, but also not to flex its muscles, he now may be because of the scandal after class. "The Telegraph" reporter fake businessmen to the "fishing", Allardyce unfortunately caught. In the "merchant" meeting, Allardyce expressed the willingness to "ambassadors" to help them Chinese identity and Singapore operation transactions, and he can also use his position to help the "merchant" to bypass the provisions of the "third party FA Premier League players" constraint random operation player, he demanded the return is 400 thousand pounds. The two sides conducted a total of 2 meetings, a total of up to 4 hours, the whole process was secretly photographed down. Allardyce has used his position to extort fishing in addition to reporters, Allardyce also openly mocked the former coach Hodgson and his assistant Gary – Neville. He said: "Hodgson will make everyone sleep, he is too lack of personality. The European Cup, he and Neville 10 minute debate should change, you should directly rush, and Gary said, fuck you give me to sit down, shut up, and then you want to do what decisions are no problem. You’re the boss, no one else." Now the FA has been involved in the matter, or if this is the case, Allardyce will not only lose their job, but also suffered the investigation. Deckard, the FA chairman, said: "I want to know all the facts and then make a decision about what to do." (Marco)相关的主题文章: