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Shuai Yatai 1-0 Shenhua broke 4 game winning streak magic relegation comments – Sohu sports Beijing time 19:35 on October 30th, 2016 in the thirtieth round, Changchun Yatai home court 1-0 victory over Shanghai shenhua. Forty-third minutes Shuai jiangong. Changchun Yatai scored 4 game winning streak, with 10 wins 5 flat 15 negative 35 points to avoid relegation, Shanghai Shenhua 4 victorious in fourth. Yatai to 9 wins 5 flat 15 negative 32 points, ranked fourteenth, ahead of the relegation zone Greentown 1 points. This game, Yatai if win, if you can complete the relegation, will need to see people face, this is achieved in a key battle battle. Shenhua 12 wins 12 flat 5 negative 48 points, ranked fourth, behind the Hong Kong Team 1 points, the game team to try to win for third. Second minutes Yatai Games kick, kick the ball into the box, followed by the top defensive player struggling to rescue. Yatai goalkeeper Bigfoot out fifth minutes kick, Morero to get the ball, but then lost the ball in the back down under. Seventh minutes, Shenhua conveying straight ball, but defensive player damage. Tenth minutes Fan Xiaodong restricted area to get the ball, and then he hit the door. Eighteenth minutes, Shenhua transportation pass, single ball opportunity formation of Gaudi inside the area but his shot was goalkeeper struggling to fight the blaze. Twenty-fourth minutes delivery Yatai long ball and moreiro shovel the ball to be shot, but the goalkeeper out in time to defuse the danger. Twenty-sixth minutes Fan Xiaodong transport threat biography the ball, Bruno Tuscans leaping high shakes Leipzig, but the ball was headed. Thirtieth minutes Yatai conveying in ball threat, Bruno grabbed the ball shakes Leipzig, but the ball was headed. Thirty-fourth minutes, a long pass, Morero header ferry, Bruno in front of the top side goalkeeper andre. Thirty-sixth minutes will be transported to the Yatai long pass in the restricted area, but was struggling to rescue the defensive player. Fortieth minutes Fan Xiaodong threat to pass, but Shenhua is blocked by a defender. Forty-third minutes moreiro right transfer threat biography the ball, although the defensive player of the rescue, but then Shuai ball into the box shot Jiangong, Yatai lead to 1-0. The first half of the game, Yatai lead to 1-0. Fiftieth minutes Bruno ball into the box, Jin Jixi will be busy in error him down by referee booked. Bruno surgeon kick choice directly hit the door, struggling goalkeeper saved the ball. Fifty-fourth minutes Yatai area to find a good opportunity, Jiang Zhe got the ball volley, the ball was unlucky hit on the column, then hit the door but Bruno chest after stopping the ball shepian. Fifty-sixth minutes Yatai Games kick, the ball conveying into the box, Yang Boyu turned Dapian volley accomplishment. Sixty-second minutes left Shenhua transportation threat pass, Zheng Kaimu got the ball shot, but the ball slightly deflected. Sixty-fifth minutes moreiro the ball will be transported to the area at the top of the arc, Li Guang hit the door to find opportunities to destruction. Seventieth minutes to get the ball Bruno in the restricted area, but was offside. Seventy-sixth minutes, Li Guang restricted foreign direct long-range kicker, but failed to form a threat, directly hit the ball too. Seventy-eighth minutes, Bruno left the ball but conveying threat).相关的主题文章: