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"Shuangcheng memory Exhibition" Sun Zhongshan: two most care of the city [Abstract] in Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s birthday 150th anniversary anniversary Eve, "the memory of Shuangcheng – Nanjing Guangzhou historical archives Exhibition" held in two over the same period. Visitors stop before reading "Shuangcheng memory Nanjing Guangzhou archives historical materials exhibition". Shen ran, Nanjing, November, 2 (reporter Shen Ran) on the eve of the 150th anniversary anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, "Shuangcheng memory – Nanjing Guangzhou archives historical exhibition" held in the same period in the two cities. It is reported that this exhibition from Nanjing and Guangzhou were selected more than 300 pieces of pictures of the most representative, more than 60 pieces of real documents, archives, through the combination of the real exhibition and APP online exhibition phase form, reflect the history and origin of emotional footprint left Mr. Sun Zhongshan in two city. The exhibition is divided into four chapters including: "revolutionary relics, suiyueliuhen", reproduce Sun Zhongshan from Guangzhou to Nanjing launched the revolution became provisional president of the Republic of China this surge high and sweep forward revolutionary career. "Xingwen teachers, descendants of Sun Zhongshan’s article, remember the" show the importance to culture, many elementary and middle schools founded two city colleges and universities, as well as dozens of city garden. "In an Nanjing, a permanent memorial", after listing the death of Sun Zhongshan, to follow their wishes, in the details of the construction of Nanjing and Nanjing Mr. mausoleum, Guangzhou city for the two anniversary of various "Mr. Sun Zhongshan left the ruins of Zhongshan". "Spirit, practice the ambition of" piece, a collection of Sun Zhongshan in the "nation building strategy" and "industrial plan" in Nanjing, Guangzhou and the idea of looking forward, confirmed and compared with the development of the two cities today. In the historical archives of two cities, the information about Mr. Sun Zhongshan is very rich. Sun Zhongshan’s most magnificent, the most glorious moment and is at the end of the stay in this city two. In Mr. writing "nation building strategy" and "industrial plan" of the national policy of two essays, repeatedly mentioned the two city, even in comparison, evaluation, which shows the care for the two city." Wang Wei, director of the utilization and development of historical archives of Nanjing archives, told reporters that as one of the important activities to commemorate the birthday of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, the Shuangcheng exhibition began to prepare from the beginning of this year, and the archival departments of the two cities carried out many exchanges and exchanges for the exhibition 150th anniversary times. According to its introduction, the audience can see through comparison, from Guangzhou to Nanjing, Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s vision in social, economic and urban planning. And the two cities retain the Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan docks, Zhongshan Memorial hall…… That reflects the respect for Mr. Sun Zhongshan, inherited his legacy, in the construction practice of its ambition. (finished) (China News Network)

“孙中山的双城记忆展”:两座先生最挂怀的城市 [摘要]在孙中山先生诞辰150周年纪念日前夕,《双城记忆——南京广州档案史料展》在两市同期举行。  参观者在《双城记忆——南京广州档案史料展》前驻足阅读。 申冉 摄  中新网南京11月2日电 (记者 申冉)在孙中山先生诞辰150周年纪念日前夕,《双城记忆——南京广州档案史料展》在两市同期举行。据悉,本次展览从南京、广州两地共遴选出最具代表性的300余件图片,60余件实物、文书等档案史料,通过实体展览与APP网上展览相结合的形式,全面反映孙中山先生在两座城市留下的历史足迹和情感渊源。  本次展览共分为四个篇目,包括:“革命遗迹、岁月留痕”篇,重现了孙中山从广州发起革命到南京就任中华民国临时大总统这段波澜壮阔的革命生涯。  “兴文重教、后人追怀”篇,展示孙中山生前重视文化,为两座城市创立的多所中小学和高等院校,以及数十座城市花园。  “奉安南京、永久纪念”篇,罗列了孙中山逝世之后,为遵循其遗愿,在南京建设先生陵寝的种种细节,以及南京广州两市为纪念孙中山先生留下的各种“中山遗迹”。  “传承精神、践行宏愿”篇,收集了孙中山在《建国方略》和《实业计划》中对南京、广州的设想和期待,与今日两市发展的印证和对比。  “两座城市的历史档案中,有关孙中山先生的资料极为丰富。孙中山一生当中最为壮阔、最为辉煌的时刻和最后的归宿都留在了这两座城市。在先生撰写的《建国方略》和《实业计划》两本国策巨著中,多次大篇幅提到这两座城市,甚至相提并论、对比品评,足见其对这两座城市的挂怀之情。”南京市档案馆史料利用开发处处长王伟告诉记者,作为纪念孙中山先生诞辰150周年的重要活动之一,本次双城展从今年年初就开始筹备,两市的档案部门为这次展览进行了多次沟通交流。  据其介绍,观众可以通过对比看到,从广州到南京,孙中山先生在社会经济和城市规划方面的远见。而两座城市保留下的中山路、中山码头、中山纪念堂……,体现了人们对孙中山先生的尊敬,继承了他的精神遗产,在建设中践行着其宏愿。(完)(中国新闻网)相关的主题文章: