Sister found 200 thousand bags of luggage on the car the first time when the police return to the po

The elder sister found the car luggage in 200 thousand the first time the police return cash – Beijing, Qinghai news network, September 17th 16 PM, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Bureau, Mr. Mao excited, because he lost 200 thousand yuan in cash. A luggage bag in the trunk around day 8, Qinghai CYTS Taxi Co., Huang Yurong’s sister, driving through Jianguo Road, Mr. Mao and his friend Huang Yurong stopped a taxi. At that time, Mr. Mao and his party have six people, in addition to Huang Yurong’s car, they also called another car, a pedestrian into two dials, take a taxi to the hotel. On the road, Mr. Mao told Huang Yurong that he is a stranger, let her introduce the tourist attractions in Qinghai, Huang Yurong on the introduction of some tourist attractions. After the delivery of the passengers to the destination, Mr. Huang Yurong drove away. Mao got off the car and found himself with 200 thousand yuan of cash in the luggage bag in the back of the car, but the taxi has gone far, can not catch up. The huge cash scared sister out of 12 pm, Huang Yurong drove home, going to clean his house, when she took the bucket from the taxi trunk, to find an old bag, unzip a look, found that there is some old clothes, she did not care. I thought it might be a passenger accidentally fell in the taxi, so long time no contact, may not be these old clothes. 15 am, Huang Yurong finished cleaning the house, the clothes will be loaded on the bag from the car ready to check again. When she opened the bag again, she was dumbfounded. Second "look at those old clothes when I feel the bag seems to have some wrong, what GE hand, results open a luggage bag, a lot of money, really startled me." Huang Yurong said. After the discovery of a huge amount of cash in the bag, Huang Yurong’s first reaction is to report immediately to Bayi Road police station. After that, Huang Yurong to call her sister, and her sister will be equipped with a huge amount of cash bags sent to Bayi Road police station. On the way to the police station, Huang Yurong received the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Branch of the phone, said someone lost money report. 200 thousand yuan in cash and went to the public security bureau to its origin owner Huang Yurong. After some inquiry, the final determination of this huge amount of cash is lost. 200 thousand yuan cash back can not help but let Mr. Mao excited, he moved to do not know what to say, Huang Yurong tightly holding hands, keep thanks. Mr. Mao told reporters that he did not take the luggage was found when the taxi had gone away, found not catch up, when the people are panic, afraid to come back, the money is their hard earned, if there is no back to him, was a huge hit. Mr. Mao said excitedly: "yellow sister this spirit touched me, also very grateful to her, do not know how to repay her for her kindness, but I will remember her in my heart, I really appreciate Huang sister!" Qinghai CYTS car rental company official said, Huang Yurong has been working in the company 1)相关的主题文章: