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Sohu homemade "spirit" held a press conference on November 16th at the Sohu Video Online – new network, November 15, Xinhua, 14, the city of fantasy hero network drama "device spirit" held a press conference. The play by the Sohu and the billion odd video entertainment CO produced, directed, CO director Guo Huizhong third overall work creation. The general manager of Sohu, Sohu Television Center video copyright mark video market and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu, Yi Qi entertainment CEO& "is the spirit", "executive producer Tian Chuan is the spirit" producer Liu Mingli, director, CO director Guo Huizhong and third Yuchang, Sun Peng Xuening starring such a public debut release. The play will be held on November 16th, every Wednesday, four zeros in the online video update Sohu, Gold members can watch more episodes in advance. At the press conference, Marco bluntly to the level of the domestic network drama speed upgrade again, based on the two dimensional rendering of a three dimensional image of the world. "Spirit" is the cast appeared together open a new chapter in the oratorio dimension before exposed "is the spirit" pilot set to get nearly 70 million play impressive achievements, the audience marveled at this new dimension oratorio at the same time, also looking forward to the story behind the text. In today’s press conference, "is the spirit" in Peng Yuchang, Sun Xuening, Liu Qi, Tong, Itami aliee cocoa, Yun GA, Carter, Dong Qi, Weng Yi Yang, Wang Guanpeng ten starring collective appearance, was remarkable, they not only divided into two group interactive games to mobilize the scene atmosphere, but also with the audience in advance share this "breakthrough dimensional wall" network drama highlights. "Ling" is about the ancient weapon into humanoid articles Ling division on full combat mode, a thousand years is the spirit contest officially kicked off at the press conference, the Sohu video also officially exposed the ultimate trailer of the play, every teacher and his spirit is Ling are fighting for love. It lasted for thousands of years of war between people who will win, and the spirit of how complex emotions have become "highlights" is the spirit of the. It is reported that, as the original video Sohu 2016 blockbuster, the device spirit from onwards every Wednesday, four zero line update, Gold members can watch more episodes in advance. "Spirit" is to create a world view video network drama have a unique style of Sohu play two or three dimension according to the Sohu video creative team, "spirit" is creatively put forward the concept of network drama in the world have a unique style, the style of production is leading the domestic network drama, the first to try the American model, formally launched in just one month before release the pilot special, compact plot and cool fighting effects also let the audience hooked the preview, let the audience be super network drama this science fiction, suspense, action and other elements of the firm to attract. As " IP " symbiotic system; strategy of the first works, a video Sohu try to bring you find everything fresh and new feeling, director of third joint director Guo Huizhong said at the press conference, "Ling" is nowadays the most popular " two dimensional " enlarge the " theme, common animation works; anthropomorphic weapon.相关的主题文章: