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Some things threw it away | pillow quilt mattress

_ Sina health _ some daily necessities of life and we stay together morning and night, each with respect to replace the cleaning shortly after the replacement time of different activities in different. There are 1 things to throw. Underwear: once a day to wash through the underpants can cause urinary tract infection and blood infection of bacteria, should be replaced in a timely manner. Underwear to wear one day to wash, and wear a full year on the elimination. 2. Pajamas: at least once a week. Close to the skin, and skin cells will continue to fall off, which was full of microbes, they ran the wrong place will cause problems. Every two should wear pajamas cleaning, or at least once a week. 3. Lipstick, Eyeliner: once a year for cosmetics and the body’s most sensitive skin contact, a long time will breed bacteria, easily lead to infection, the use of a year should be replaced. 4. Sheet: wash the bed once a week to be a repository of human cells, bacteria, and body secretions. The warm and humid environment is a hotbed of dust mites, and their excrement can cause allergic reactions in people. So, every morning to open the quilt, open the window, every week to wash sheets, hot water washing to 60 DEG C. 5. Quilt: a few months to wash a quilt with skin debris and dust mites, fungi, easily lead to allergies (such as rhinitis) and infection (such as conjunctivitis). Quilts should be cleaned every few months 1 times, the use of quilts for over 5 years on the elimination. 6. Pillow: a year for a pillow for too long, not only to support the role of the head and neck will be weakened, and the hair and scalp oils will penetrate into the pillow, bacteria, allergens and respiratory diseases. General pillow 1 years should be replaced. 7. Mattress: five years for a good quality mattress after a long wear, support and flexibility will decline. Timely replacement can help relieve physical pain and stiffness. In addition, the mattress will drop a lot to clean stains, make our bed with bacteria. Recommend the best 5 years for a mattress, sleep bad people should pay attention to. 8. Towel: three months for a long time with the towel dirty and hard, will become a new source of pollution, seriously affecting the skin health and comfort, so the best three months for a new towel, don’t damage change again. 9. Toothbrush: three months for a toothbrush need to be replaced every 3 months, and then need to be stored separately, preferably in a closed cabinet. Rinse and wipe dry after each use. Every month to the brush head soaked in boiling water for 5 minutes, or the use of brush cleaning products. Insert delete before insert相关的主题文章: