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South Korea’s economic collapse on the up – China Park Sohu finance three Korean family enterprises in trouble, in South Korea a sharp economic downturn. Pu Jinhui people facing heavy criticism in the Korean economy at a loss what to do at the same time, behind has no one to help. Because in thad on issues persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, resulting in relations between China and South Korea in a relatively tight situation, China would impose economic sanctions on South Korea is still unknown, not to mention a helping hand. In the extreme situation of the Korean economy at the same time, Pu Jinhui’s ruling career is also facing great trouble. From the beginning of Korea, South Korea’s three giants seem to coincide with an emergency. First Lotte illegal fund-raising investigation, the vice president committed suicide in Seoul. Then Samsung Note7 suddenly plunged into the door, was the world’s major airlines ban, although the recall process has been started, but the huge loss has almost knocked down samsung. Similarly, as well as the South Korean maritime giant Han, due to the world suffered a port refused to berth, the company’s ships can only drift in the sea. In addition to the three family business, the Korean industry giants are not good days. In the Chinese market, the two largest car companies on behalf of KIA and Hyundai into a civil war. Although Korean cars over Japanese cars, has a space for one person in Chinese market, but there is an endless civil war, so that the two big enterprises in China sales are in unfavorable situation. For a time, South Korean companies in the world suffered a series of crises, even South Korea’s economy has been a landslide. Samsung, for example, the explosion led directly to the Samsung crash valuation, three days of market value evaporated billions of dollars, but also hit the biggest decline in nearly five years. Not only is the market value plummeted, Samsung will also suffer huge direct economic losses. According to foreign media reported that the financial read read, Samsung needs to recall 2 million 500 thousand Note7 mobile phone, direct economic losses reached about 30000000000 yuan. Economic losses can be made up slowly, but the impact on the brand seems to be irreparable blow. Samsung’s main models are almost all exploded, will affect the sales of new machines listed next year. Samsung is one of the important pillar of the South Korean economy, in Apple’s powerful offensive, Samsung has now been showing signs of fatigue, and then influence the performance of Samsung explosion doors, the decline will drag to accelerate the decline in the Korean economy. Faced with the grim situation facing South Korea, Pu Jinhui faced a huge test. According to the Korea authoritative survey data survey, September Park Geun hye’s support rate fell slightly. Negative evaluation of more than 60.5%, approaching the warning value after February 2015. In the face of the Korean economy, Pu Jinhui fall into a helpless embarrassing situation. Not only to face the helplessness of no one to lend a helping hand, but also face possible economic sanctions from china. Due to the impact of the incident, the Sino German relations in a delicate state. Recently, local media have reported that South Korean stars in China show the appearance of the lens was removed, the concert was an emergency stop, the suspect suffered Han limit. In July, there was news that Qingdao canceled participation in the Daegu Beer Festival, suspected of dissatisfaction with the German side said. According to Bloomberg September article reported that China may be considering the investment and trade with the South Korea collar)相关的主题文章: