Star Trek 3 enemy siege’enterprise exposure

"Star Trek 3" enemy siege’enterprise exposure fragment Sina entertainment news 2016 the world’s largest production science fiction film "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" in Chinese, released in the first week of continuous occupation of the box office champion, driven by the strong film market. Today, the film side released the’enterprise destruction of the trailers,’enterprise encounter enemy attack near the alien, all members of the life on the verge of death or destruction. The enterprise, the first case of a devastating blow to the plot twists and turns the audience amazed again and again in the latest exposure of the trailers, hive like the enemy with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to the enterprise, and launched a fierce attack on the USS Enterprise, the ship hit the engine, debris scattered. Claudia’enterprise rushed into the cabin to manipulate the enemy, Captain Kirk calm command members to counterattack, the two sides clash flames and Starfleet crew faced a life-and-death matter of despair. As an important symbol of "Star Trek" series, the enterprise, at the beginning of the film will encounter unexpected trouble, such a bold idea could not help but make people feel curious, in such a difficult situation, Captain Kirk and Starfleet to change danger into safety. There are fans bluntly praised never thought that the number will really be destroyed, I did not expect the end can play so! "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" really gave me too many contrary to expectation!" The story of a comprehensive breakthrough without viewing the threshold to join the new female characters "powder" numerous after 50 years of accumulation, the "Star Trek" series to the audience too much surprise and moved, and "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" is not only the continuation of the classic content, more is the beginning of a comprehensive breakthrough. The captain Kirk led the fleet began a new journey for 5 years, to explore the new unknown universe nebula. The story is relatively independent, even if has never seen the "Star Trek" series, the audience can easily understand, feel the stars in the universe between rapid shuttle thrills. The audience said, this year finally saw a satisfactory sci-fi blockbuster! Non powder also feel quite exciting. The plot twists and turns but not complicated, the visual effect is more like burst!" At the same time, the "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" in the new story also joined the new role of women, not only to take care of the new fans to the perception of diehard powder to bring more fresh experience. Join Starfleet in the star they female warrior Jie pull extremely brave tenacious fighting style, she needs to make a lot of viewers eyes. This character design makes the new "Star Trek" series of timeless, also let "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" from "get a new powder" from "first look" Star Trek "series have been attracted to this new role, Jie pull without affectation of the young girl is really close to my heart! I’m looking forward to her emotional drama!" "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" by the United States and the United States company Paramount Pictures sky dance studios, and Ali pictures, Hua Hua Media Co produced. The success of "speed and passion" series directed by director Lin Yibin, J· J· Abrams served as executive producer, Simon Peggy and Doug · ·)相关的主题文章: